Krystal and Star Fox Zero

Krystal has been playable member of Star Fox team in majority of the series. She has been important part to the storyline and is the main female member of the team. Her absence in Star Fox Zero is a sore spot for many fans of the series.Many being distracted by her absence during the trailer. What makes this worse is how quiet the situation is. I’m here to kick up a bit of a fuss about it.

Vote for Krystal the main female member of Star Fox team to be in Super Smash bros!

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Please vote for Krystal!

With a new Star Fox game coming up now would be a perfect time to include a new Star Fox character in Super Smash bros. It seems almost silly we went up to three with Brawl but now we are down to two. Also the Star Fox stages fail to include main characters in the series during the secret conversations. For me this is a huge disappointment and failing on part of Nintendo and must be fixed. I feel the best way is to get Krystal into Super Smash bros. For two well three very good reasons.


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