Top Tips on how to be a cute anime idol by anime idols


Inspired by some of the cutest anime idols you can find I have created a list of top tips on how to be a cute anime idol. Done as a bit of fun and not to be taken too seriously.

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Why isn’t Pokem@s a real thing!?


While searching through pixiv for cute Pokemon fan art I came across the tag Pokem@s. The artworks with this tag were of Pokemon and idols from IdolM@ster. Of course this combination of Idols and Pokemon is not just related to IdolM@ster. Vocaloids are one of the more popular combinations and I have seen Love Live Idols with Pokemon as well. Potentially the most important combination is of Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier with Meloetta as both share the same voice actress. While this might be fan-art alone the Pokemon series has introduced Idol and Idol-like characters. The game series has recently remade contest with a similar style of that of an Idol concert. However the anime series had a similar feel more much longer. But this isn’t really the main point of this article. This is more the reasoning behind it.

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