Mahou Shoujo Month – Week 3

The third week has arrived. With it I will finally share my Mahou Shoujo suggestions. This is also last time will include clothing QR for Animal Crossing New Leaf and Happy Home Designer.

Please note my suggestions are base don ones I have watched.

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Mahou Shoujo Month – Week 1

Early this week came across Mahoutober by Milkuriiem on Deviant Art. I decided to give it a go. End of each week will do a blog post and upload  any work created.


Since this is the end of week one I will first how I define the genre Mahou Shoujo or Magical Girl. Also for this week included Magical Girl dress designs for Animal Crossing New Leaf and Happy Home Designer.

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The Ultimate Cute Anime Idol – Ranka Lee

When it comes to cute anime idols there are many out there. Ranka is the best form of that type of idol. There are multitude of reasons why that is because there isn’t one thing that truly defines what a cute anime idol is. Being a cute anime idol isn’t solely about looks. With many different aspects of this it’s difficult to know where best to begin or even how to put it in a way that explains why Ranka is the ultimate cute anime idol. I will try my best.

Ranka Lee

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