Review Scores

This is a general overview of my review scores and what they mean. This is for both anime and video games. I might review other products depending on how I feel. All the scores are out of five. Reasoning for this is because well any higher and I get confused what would be the best score. Would be far too much in-between scores that aren’t needed.


This refers to the quality of the product. How well everything works and comes together.

0/5 – I hate to imagine what would get this score.

1/5 – Nothing really works and what does is bad.

2/3 – It’s OK at times but it’s mostly not.

3/5 – It’s average and has nothing that stands out about it. A possible missed opportunity.

4/5 – Everything works really well although could do with a few improvements.

5/5 – Nothing much or anything at all could be done to improve the quality for its time/format.


This refers to my personal enjoyment of the product. How much and for how long I enjoyed it.

0/5 – I refuse to continue with this!

1/5 – I think I enjoyed one bit that I can’t really remember.

2/5 – It was a bit of fun but not a lot.

3/5 – It was fun. I wish I could have enjoyed it more though.

4/5 – I had a lot of fun.

5/5 – I had the best time ever! I don’t want it to end!!


This refers to how cute the product is. This includes all aspects of the product.

0/5 – Not cute!

1/5 – If you squint it could be cute.

2/5 – Has cute moments and/or a cute character.

3/5 – It has cute aspects but I wouldn’t call it cute.

4/5 – It’s cute.

5/5 – Too cute! You have been warned.


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