Games and Anime Awards – 2017

With my awards don’t expect normal ones. A lot of games and anime deserve an award of sorts so I try to think of fun ones that best fit.

Individual Awards

Cutest Anime Fox 2017 – Yuzu

Konohana Kitan
Yuzu is the cute fox from the cute anime series Konohana Kitan. Not only does she look cute but she has a cute innocence about her. Her desire to help customers and make them happy is adorable.

Cutest Game Fox 2017 – Wild Fox

While there are a good few this year I felt Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild’s foxes deserved attention. These cute wild foxes can be seen scattered around the world of Hyrule. Also come in two coloured blue and red. The blue lives in colder climates.

Cutest New Marriage Candidate 2017 – Inari


In Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns one of the marriage candidates is the local town protector Inari. Not only is Inari very cute but can be married by either gender.

Most Improved Idols 2017 – Aquors

What started off as an idol group that follows in the steps of an established previous group  from the same Love Live franchise they have really come into their own. That and I just wanted to give them a mention.

New Job/Class 2017 – Rider


In Monster Hunter Stories you can finally live your dream of riding the huge and cute monsters from the series. There is a very nice selection of monsters including free DLC monster Epona.

New Outfit 2017 – Ranka Lee’s Pumpkin Witch

A special mention has to go out for my favourite Macross idol. In Uta Macross: Smartphone Deculture during Halloween they added a new costume/outfit for Ranka. Part of the reason I included this is just so I could include Ranka.

New World 2017 – Alrest

Xenoblade 2
As much as some may hate Xenoblade Chronicles 2 anime style characters I don’t really care. The world’s created by Monolith Soft are such a treat to explore.

Series Awards

Most Improved Sequel 2017 – Super Mario Odyssey

Odyssey is such a love letter to the Super Mario series. It is done in such a way the only major fault I can think of is there isn’t more to the game. Definitely a strong contender for best in the Super Mario series.

Most Surprised Sequel 2017 – Nintendo Presents New Style Boutique Styling Star

Wasn’t expecting a new game from this series nor one featuring idols as a main theme. The English versions of the songs aren’t too bad either. It is still the same addictive shop sim game. So expect to lose many hours to get your idols to cosplay… I mean running your shop.

Silliest Crossover 2017 – Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

When you cross together two series known to be on the silly side the result is very silly. Best way to describe the game. Not one part of it feels serious and that makes it entertaining and a great way to introduce people to strategy RPGs.