Mahou Shoujo Month – Week 3

The third week has arrived. With it I will finally share my Mahou Shoujo suggestions. This is also last time will include clothing QR for Animal Crossing New Leaf and Happy Home Designer.

Please note my suggestions are base don ones I have watched.

Key Series

When it comes to any genre there are key series that help success of the genre or even define it. Often these are first that come to mind when talking about said genre.

  • Card Captor Sakura (very safe and cute)
  • Sailor Moon
  • Madoka Magica (not for younger audience)
  • Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha

Card Captor Sakura is easily my favourite out of this list. One of the first anime I became a fan of. I enjoy for the whole fairy tale aspect of Sailor Moon. A lot of what it does defined the genre for a long time after. Madoka is known for its changing the genre in reality it mostly revitalised it. It showed the genre isn’t all happy and cute. Nanoha I enjoyed the first seasons a lot. While I lost interest over time Nanoha is still a popular series.


The genre is known for its emotional moments. These series stick out to me as particularly emotional.

  • Full Moon wo Sagashite  (safe and cute)
  • Mai Hime (not for younger audience)
  • Princess Tutu

Hard not to get emotional over Full Moon. May Hime slowly builds up to several emotional moments and fights. Some of which you wouldn’t guess from the start. Princess Tutu is source for many bittersweet memories.

For fun

Not everything has to be overly emotional. For a sense of hope and just something fun to watch.

  • AKB0048
  • Dog Days (heavy fan service)
  • PreCure  (very safe and cute)
  • PriPara  (very safe and cute)

AKB0048 are a team of magical space rebel idols akin to Jedi each with their own cute spiritual mascot. A lot of fun but sadly second series doesn’t do enough with that theme at times. While at start might not view Dog Days as potential Mahou Shoujo later seasons do a lot to change this. Long running franchise PreCure has many series and generations of magical girls. Very cute franchise mostly aimed at younger audience. PriPara is another cute aimed at children series. Focusing on idols and friendship.

Not just magic

Mostly because I had no idea where to put these but I still wanted to suggest them.

  • Macross Frontier Series
  • Magic Knight Rayearth
  • Symphogear

When it comes to Macross Ranka Lee idol from Frontier series easily stands out to me as most magical. This is why I included the series here. Magic Knight Rayearth is Mahou Shoujo series done in style of older RPGs. Emotional at times but sense of working together to take down the enemy. The more action packed Symphogear can be a lot of fun and very emotional. A mixture of idols and super hero squad.

Animal Crossing New Leaf and Happy Home Designer QR Codes

DO NOT expect these to be accurate. They were created for fun.


Since I showed off one of Miku’s magical Girls forms here is her Snow Miku one. She wears this in 3DS Project Mirai as well as other games and even live concerts.


MGIdolFullMoonQR Dress

From the emotional anime Full Moon wo Sagashite. Full Moon and her normal self Mitsuki Koyama both wear this dress.


LilPri is another magical idol series. While I don’t rate it as highly as overs it was still a cute series to watch. Basically girls using their idol forms try to save fairy tales.


MGSymphogearSONGQR Shirt

Song Shirts featured in Symphogear. Main reason I picked this was because I couldn’t decide whose outfit to do. Symphogear are about a group of girls who use music to transform and fight in mecha type outfits.