Mahou Shoujo Month – Week 2

The second week of Mahou Shoujo or Magical Girl month. Now initially I planned to do my suggested Mahou Shoujo series and manga. However due to the fact it was Lynn Minmay’s Birthday I feel it is more appropriate to do one dedicated to magical idol concerts.

Warning a lot videos are inside.

Top Favourite Magical Concerts

When it comes to Idol anime and Mahou Shoujo there is a lot of crossover. Both heavily feature a team go girls overcoming great odds to achieve their goal. So it isn’t uncommon to come across some magical concerts or even magical girls who sing. So here some of my favourite magical concerts.

These are the ones that first came to mind. Others I can think of but the list was getting a bit too long.

Full Moon Wo Sagashite Myself Concert

I felt obligated to include a scene from Full Moon Wo Sagashite. It is such an emotional rollercoaster that is nice to see this in-between concerts where she gets wings.

AKB0048 Uhho Uhhoho

A fun concert that starts with befriending local alien wildlife before turning things around to protect them from incoming threat. Magical rebel space idols with Micsabers for the win!

Dog Days Star Whale song

In is the beautiful concert scene from Dog Days. It was everything you would want in such a scene… Everything except lyrics. There is a version of the song out there that features lyrics.

PriPara FALULU solo Concert

While cram watching PriPara this is one of the concert scenes I don’t want to skip. It is enchanting concert scene.

Project Mirai DX Yume Yume

From the vocaloid rhythm game for the 3DS Project Mirai DX. A very cute concert scene featuring a magical Miku and her magical bedroom. Yeah I prefer Mirai’s versions. Much more cute and magical.

Symphogear Galaxy Cross Concert

Symphogear is all about magical girls who fight using power of song to power up their armour. Some also have jobs as idols. This concert scene gets top marks. Not only does it have magical qualities to it they also have courage to skate barefoot over the water of the river Thames in London.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Give Me!!

A very unique crossover game on WiiU featuring performers who transform or with Fire Emblem characters. One of my favourite concerts and songs in the game. It is a fun duet attack too.

Macross Frontier Niji Iro Kuma Kuma concert

No magical concert scene list would be complete without this scene. Riding rainbows, magical transformations and a dancing teddy bear. A truest magical girl concert scene I have ever seen.

Animal Crossing New Leaf and Happy Home Designer QR Codes

DO NOT expect these to be accurate. They were created for fun. I was also. abut lazy this week. I just don’t want to attempt huge back bows.

MGIdolMillhioreSakuraQR Dress

Millhiore Firianno Biscotti the idol, dog princess and when “fighting” Pink Dog Saber from the anime series Dog Days. The series is very heavy on fan service but it’s cute and even cuter characters makes up for this. Petting scenes are incredibly cute.

MGKarinQR Dress

Kamichama Karin is a cute magical girl series. It features a battle between two groups of magical girls who use the powers of the ancient gods. Cute aside the series story can get a little confusing and weird.

IdolLynnMinmayBirthdayQR Dress

While not a magical idol of any sort it was her Birthday on the 10th October. Since I really like the dress they released in free-to-play mobile music game Uta Macross I decided to create that. Unfortunately more core knowledge of the first Macross is limited to the heavily edited Robotech.

MGMadokaQR Dress

Madoka Magica has a very large fan following. A big part of its success is from the misconception of the genre being purely cutesy all the time. While still following the norm for the genre it provides many dark twists and interesting enemy designs. Here is dress from the main girl Madoka.

MGPrincessSailorMoonQR Dress

It be hard not to do Magical Girl month without Sailor Moon somewhere. Main reason I picked her Princess Serenity dress is mostly because I was feeling lazy. I do have a soft spot for the series and Moon Princesses love for the Earth Prince.