After E3 Thoughts

E3 has now left us and along with it nights spent watching Tree House Live.

I think it is important we get the disappointments out-of-the-way first so we can focus on more positive aspects of this year’s E3.

Disappointing No Shows

One of the major disappointments is really the lack of huge surprises and brand new announcements this year. Not to say what was announced and shown was bad. When it comes to E3 you expect a ton of surprise games.

When it comes to Nintendo Animal Crossing and Star Fox are the two most disappointing no shows. I can fully understand and respect developers needing time to develop the games. However especially in case of Star Fox it would be nice to have some sort of reassurance.

Third parties continue to send mix signals regarding their support for Switch. In the long run I could see this improving. However just as easily this could end up being similar to Wii situation. In other words a number of dodgy versions of games with a few random exclusives. Most purchase Nintendo consoles for Nintendo content so it might end up not being a huge issue if that happens.

Games I Found Interesting

Firstly just because I didn’t have interest in a game doesn’t make the game bad. Also just because I find it interesting doesn’t mean the final game will be amazing.

As an anime fan and someone who enjoyed Hyrule Warriors both Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star and Fire Emblem Warriors definitely on my to watch list. The only thing I am very concerned about is my basic knowledge of both Fate and Fire Emblem. Whether that will dampen my enjoyment of the games or if there are enough characters I know of that will balance it out.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a much rumoured game so it came as no huge surprise for many. What surprises me most however is how much fun and interesting it looks.  It wasn’t type of game I was expecting and I mean that in a good way.

I really enjoyed Tomadachi Life’s silliness. So I am very interested about RPG version on 3DS called Miitopia. You use Miis for characters in a RPG story. Ton of random jobs alongside usual ones. Just fun to have a silly mix of anime, video game and friend miis.

With the announcement of Pokemon Switch it really looks like the console is becoming a home for RPGs. Big cut scenes on a TV while grinding on the go is the ideal situation for RPGs. Hopefully Pokemon RPG is truly a main entry to series and so is the no-show Tales of game.

Splatoon 2 is a game I wasn’t really thinking of getting. I don’t really intend to pay for online so I was worried about lack of offline content. If anything it seems they have improved on that. Plus I’m also a huge fan of co-op modes.

One surprise announcement is the Sci-fi NFC figure game Starlink: Battle for Atlas. This games makes me want a customisable Arwing Amiibo. In Command the arwings were all different so would be great to bring that back for a customisable Amiibo. Not entirely sure if I like the idea more compared to the actual game itself.

As someone who isn’t keen on platformers I still surprise myself each time I preorder a Mario game. So yeah Super Mario Odyssey does look like it will be a lot of fun.

As a fan of the previous two games should come as no surprise that I’m excited for the third game Xenoblade Chronicles 2. With similar story focus as the first game in some ways that makes me happy. More excited to start exploring the huge world of the game. Plus really excited to play as the cat girl who rides a cat.

At first I wasn’t bothered but the cuteness level of the game won me over. The Yoshi Switch Game is like a cross between Woolly World and Paper Mario. Which makes the game incredibly cute.

Overall Thoughts

Definitely a fun E3 even though it felt lacking in some ways. Plenty of games to be excited for. Hopefully won’t end up drowning in too many games come this Winter. I’m usually pretty good at not over loading myself.

I really hope things keep improving for the Switch and Nintendo. Hopefully get some more surprises in the future and a ton more Star Fox and foxes in general.