My Nintendo E3 Bingo Card

My E3 bingo card alongside my thoughts on each one.

Nintendo E3 Bingo

All I listed I believe has a chance of happening but how much chance..

First Row

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, Super Mario Odyssey and Fate/Exella The Umbral Star have been confirmed to be at E3 already. Seems silly to not include them.

Already a few crossover games in the works so again it is safe to assume an unannounced one will get announced.

Amiibo are a given thing. If a new game supports new Amiibo we will see new Amiibo.

Second Row

At some point I fully expect to hear of an older game getting a remake or ported to a newer console in some form or another.

Fire Emblem Warriors and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are due out this year so safe to assume they will be at E3 in some form.

Probably get a few indie segments again this year during Treehouse Live.

Recently announced Lost Sphere we should be getting more information on although not sure that will be on something Nintendo related.

Third Row

There will be at least one new third-party game but I suspect it will be a random one. Most likely a game no one really cares or would ask for.

Not sure when Project Octopath Traveller is due to release but I think we are due for an update on its development.

People love to make a meme out of what Nintendo does during digital event. I fully expect a new meme to appear.

Monster Hunter game is getting ported to Switch. There are things to indicate a possible World wide release. I think we will get some more Monster Hunter anyway even if it isn’t the Switch game.

A number of Dragon Quest games are in development for Nintendo consoles. I would be more surprised if there isn’t any word on any of them. But like another game not entirely sure it will be on something Nintendo specific.

Fourth Row

Pikmin, Tales of, No More Heroes, Story of Seasons and Shin Megami Tensei are all in development for the Switch. Not entirely sure we will get to see any of them at E3. We should hopefully get some sort of confirmation they are still being developed.

Fifth Row

GameCube games on Switch is like a dream rumour. You really want it to be true but nothing indicated that it will be. This is definitely one to cross your fingers for.

New Smash Bros would be amazing at this years E3 but I don’t think we will get much beyond a port or mention one is in development.

Zelda, Metroid and Star Fox I can see getting a mention. Zelda in particular we will hear of at least one game in development.


I did this for fun. It shouldn’t be taken as a serious rumour.