My Switch Wish-list

While I call this my Switch wish-list I wouldn’t be against them releasing on other formats.

New game

Disney’s Magical World 3

An addictive life sim RPG featuring Disney characters in a world akin to the Magic Kingdom. I think be great on Switch with the extra power and hopefully more file space so can have less lag and more Disney worlds.

Nintendo Presents New Style Boutique

An addictive shop sim featuring fashion. While it does lean towards the girlie side it can still be an addictive fun game to all genders. Be nice to have a new game with more Nintendo themed fashion.

Rune Factory

A fun fantasy RPG farming sim. Featuring an array of fun characters and monsters as potential pets. Would love to see a new entry for the series. I know the series it is a spin-off to (Story of Seasons) is getting an entry on the Switch.

Star Fox

A fun series where each game plays differently featuring furry characters and arwings. Shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone I listed this. I would also be hugely interested in remakes of the GameCube games as well as something new.

The Wonderful 101

A fun action game featuring a team of heroes. It is a lot of fun and even more silliness. Would really want to see sequel to this game purely because of its theme.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions

One of the best anime games I have played. It is an underrated JRPG that released on WiiU. Really want  a another game maybe featuring Star Fox instead of Fire Emblem.

Any game will do

Final Fantasy

I do like the older style Final Fantasy games. So while would also like more Final Fantasy games on Nintendo consoles truthfully would want hand drawn sprite remakes of the older games. Specially would love a remake of FFVI Advance.

Kingdom Hearts

A really enjoyed the games and it would be nice to have an entry on the Switch. Not too bothered if it is more spin-off like or a main entry so long as I can have Dream Eaters I’m fine with either.

Project Mirai DX

Really enjoyed the cute vocaloid music game on the 3DS so would love a similar game on the Switch. I would prefer something cuter but any kind of idol game will be fine.

The Last Story

RPG that released on Wii that while being newer also reminded me of the older Final Fantasy games. Be nice to see a remake or a sequel on the Switch.

Series returns

Baten Kaitos

A fun card turn based RPG that released on GC made by same people who created the Xenoblade games. Sadly the prequel game never released in Europe. Be nice for the series to return or be remade for the Switch.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Was a fan of the series but was sad to see it disappear over recent years. Be nice if they brought it back for Switch. In particular something like the first GC game because of the multiplayer aspect.

Fragile Dreams

A slightly creepy action RPG with amazing atmosphere that released on Wii. Sadly the game didn’t do well so hasn’t had a new entry. Both the game and the follow-up manga left things a little too open. Would love to see the series return.


I played the Wii entry to the series and really enjoyed the peaceful flying around segments. Also loved the style and look of the game. Be nice to have a new entry.


Action RPG in similar style to Zelda games. A lot of fun and deserving of a new entry to the series. Hopefully when it does get one will be available on the Switch.


A furry themed action RPG with robots on the DS. Loved the world and style of the game so be great for another game to get released.

Games interested in that are coming to Switch

A quick list to show upcoming games for Switch I’m interested in.

  • Dragon Quest games
  • Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star
  • Fire Emblem games
  • Project Octopath
  • Splatoon 2
  • Story of Seasons
  • Super Mario Odyssey
  • Taiko: Drum Master
  • Tales of
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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