My Thoughts on The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

I’ve experienced what feels like a lot with the game but looking at the percentage mark I’m not even halfway through. Since I’m slowing down my photo journal I decided to write-up my thoughts on the game.

To begin with it is very difficult to ignore the size of the world. It is a huge place. What makes this world more impressive is that it isn’t just huge but feels full of life too. There are very few spots where there is nothing there. Even then it isn’t truly nothing. Might just be a few foraging items or some enemies you don’t seem to find those empty spaces you would expect from a huge game world. All this just encourages the player to explore. You go to a location and there is something there to reward your journey.  Most of the game is looking at the map or in the distance for something interesting and going there. You really want to go there to see what that place is like or what is there. You never feel tired in going to new locations and even when you go to an old location chances are missed stuff first time around. It is so easy to miss a stable or an entire mountain. Crazy as missing a mountain might seem when playing the game it is so easy to become focused on one interesting location that one you are in is often overlooked. Just so easy to become distracted and want to see more of elsewhere.

But as wonderful at that is there are some issues hidden beneath. Nothing too major but it still at times can make the game less enjoyable. For starters the game does occasionally suffer from lag. It is never bad enough to completely ruin the experience but it can be very noticeable at times. The other issue I have worth mentioning is the Blood Moon. A mechanic that is used to mainly restore enemies. It makes sense to include such a feature but would have been nice to have an off and frequency switch. At times you just want to explore and not be bothered by monsters so much. When exploring certain location and  get Blood Moon while exploring it does pets me off continuing. However there are always other locations to explore so never really frustrated by this. More of an irksome issue.

Since I mentioned the monster respawn method it is only fair to go into combat and puzzle solving. This is only game I can think of that I have played that leaves how you solve puzzles and take on monsters so open. You don’t have to take on the same enemy the same way every time you encounter them. Sometimes might want to do a full on frontal attack and other times might want to be more sneaky. Those are the two basic methods. The reset depends on what you do afterwards. Type of weapon or how you use what is around you. It is the same with puzzles. Could follow what you are supposed to do or find another way around. Never a wrong or right way with this game but there might be an easier way.

That is probably the biggest problem you will face in the game. From the very beginning to whatever point you end at there are no clear ways to go. This can be a very daunting experience. Everything looks interesting but can only head off in one direction. It can give a feeling of being lost. Once started it is hard to go back to what you saw earlier because suddenly more interesting stuff is there. Now I may have slipped back to the exploration side of the game but that is because of how well it is done. A lot of that enjoyment comes from not knowing. This is the type of game where less you know the better your experience will be.

There is so much more I could write. All things I discovered either by accident or experimentation. If you love exploring in games I have to suggest this game. Since I don;’t want to spoil your epxereince I will leave it at that.