Wanting an open world Star Fox game

For awhile now I dreamed of a more open world Star Fox game. For me the series would eb a perfect match for an open world environment.


Now I know a good few view the series as primarily being an on rails shooter. It may seem out-of-place to desire for an open world type Star Fox game. There is far more to the series than first glance will give you. Even in the earliest Star Fox games the series already rewards players for exploration. That could be a medal, discovering a method to get a higher score or a new route. Now the series has since expanded on other elements. One game playing more like an adventure, another with a bigger focus on multiplayer and finally using strategy as a team leader. Even though these games all play different all them still share a strong exploration element. Whether that is finding a new route or bonus Cheat Token exploration is a key gameplay element of the series. However the only option to explore being to replay parts of the game if not the entire game it never felt like you are truly free to explore. This brings me to open world. Out of everything I wanted to see next Star Fox game do comes back to a more open world experience.

With Adventures we got to know so much about the planet and inhabitants. Unfortunately no other planet do we get a similar experience with. By that I don’t mean gameplay wise. For example we don’t get to know Corneria as a planet but as a mission. I want to know more about the Lylat System and an open world would give us this opportunity. We would be able to fully explore and learn about one planet at least. Not only giving us a new side to Lylat System but also providing a gateway to a new side of Star Fox. Potentially one we will otherwise miss out on or never get otherwise.

Now I know some of you might view open world as primarily being RPG but just for that alone doesn’t mean the game will have to lack action. There are many action RPGs out there. RPG doesn’t always have to mean fantasy either. It isn’t like Star Fox hasn’t had any RPG type mechanics. Most notable one being Command but majority of games give a chance to upgrade your vehicles. Definitely would love to see some vehicle customisation.  One of the best examples and the game that made me want an open world Star Fox game is Xenoblade Chronicles X. Featuring a more futuristic setting, action combat as well as customizable mech.

The one thing I feel the series often lacks is length. One way or another Star Fox games always feel  bit too short for me. While all of them I could spend a year playing none of them feels like it has content to last a year. Most can experience everything within a solid week of gaming. A huge open world environment would not only give us plenty to explore which would expand the potential length of the game but also room for plenty of side missions as well. That in turn would make the game last potentially a lot longer. None of that is even considering what the main story mission could be.

Now I have probably given you all some idea why I want an open world Star Fox game. Although I could go in more depth wanting doesn’t really make anything exist. So I decided this Wednesday morning (GMT) I will be  tweeting Monolith Soft and Nintendo to ask them to develop an open world game. Feel free to join in.