My Thoughts on Nintendo Switch

It has been a few days since the Nintendo Switch event and last night was Fire Emblem Direct. So I think now is a good time to put down my thoughts on the upcoming console.


When it comes to consoles I always buy based on games. It is very difficult to not notice the lack of games. However since the initial event there has been others games announced for the console. In particular the official websites have more games on compared to what was shown. There are around eighty games in development and Nintendo said they are working on making releases better. So at this time it really is difficult for me to say whether the lineup is weak or not. I will go over some of the games that caught my attention.

Zelda Breath of the Wild is definitely the game grabbing most of the attention. It is a beautiful open world game. The game looks to have many interesting mechanics and looks to be a lot of fun.

The new Mario game for Switch while it does look a lot of fun I am disappointed they didn’t continue with allowing players to play as other Mario characters. At least it looks that way at the moment.

Splatoon 2 looks to be just as much fun as first game. as much fun as the first Splatoon is I’m not sure I will get the second. Which I will get into the reason why later.

With Xenoblade Chronicles 2 you can’t miss the style change. Gameplay should be very similar to the previous games. So should be fun enough that even if you don’t like the new style can still enjoy the game.

As a fan of Bravely Default I am excited to learn Project Octopath Traveller is done by the same team. So I am looking forward to this. Hopefully it will turn out good.

I really struggled with first Disgaea but I am very tempted to give Disgaea 5 Complete a go.

Happy to see not one but two Fire Emblem games coming to Switch. One is a Warriors crossover which should be good action packed fun. The other looking forward to seeing it.

Pleasantly surprised to learn a Tales of game and a Story of Seasons game coming to Switch. There isn’t any information on them yet but looking forward to finding out more.


Console itself looks really nice. I like how many different options the console gives. Not just for developers but for gamers too. There are plenty of different controls styles and if you don’t like one style can always try another. The fact a good few games do that just makes the choices better. I like that you can switch between playing as a home console and portable console as well.

Slight concern relating to games is having to pay for online play. Not huge online gamer so it was nice to have it for free. That way I can play online on the odd occasions I feel like it. I probably can live without it. So for me it’s the case of not playing online. Hopefully for others that do play online the service will be greatly improved.

With the Switch being region free and while Nintendo are pretty good at getting stuff released over here games still fail to come out. For me I would prefer more European releases. It is nice to be able to import and play Japanese only games.

Final Thoughts

I am looking forward to the console. I am very hopeful we will see a lot more games and third-party support. However enough people will have to buy the Switch and third party games for third party support to really be a thing on a Nintendo console.