Games and Anime Awards – 2016

It’s been awhile since my last post for various reasons. The main one being I would start writing and then think it’s rubbish and decide not to post. As usual with my awards don’t expect normal ones. A lot of games and anime deserve an award of sorts so I try to think of fun ones that best fit.

Individual Awards

Welcome Back 2016 – Megumi Nakajima (Idol)

Mamegu is the second Japanese idol I have become a fan of thanks to Macross Frontier. I am really excited to read of her return. I have really missed her singing voice and I hope more come to enjoy her songs.

Most Fun Facial Expressions 2016 –  Freyja Wion (Macross Δ)

While  Macross Δ lacked in a few places Frayja’s many fun facial reactions made it worthwhile. One of the few things I will remember about the series.

Cutest Fox 2016 – Alolan Vulpix (Pokémon)

This blue eyes white fluffy almost cloud like fox looking Pokémon is both incredibly cute and very helpful type mix of Ice and Fairy. If only it wasn’t Sun exclusive. Here’s hoping the rumoured third version of games is true. Then I can have my ultimate fox team.

Cutest Fighter 2016 – Braixen (Pokkén Tournament)

Part magical girl, part idol, part fox and all Pokémon making début appearance as a fighter in spin-off game Pokkén Tournament. It’s hard not to fall in love with the cute whimsical charms of Braixen.

Best Update 2016 – Welcome Amiibo (Animal Crossing New Leaf)

Not only does this update include support for Amiibo it has also added new furniture, mini games, sitting on rocks and  being able to move furniture like in spin-off Happy Home Designer. While the game recently relaunched with the update included anyone who owns the game can update for free. Making this the best update.

Best New NFC Figure 2016 – Squid Sisters Amiibo (Splatoon)

Squid Sisters are the first NFC Idols I know of. Scanning them into Splatoon for WiiU gives you chance to watch their concerts. Scan them into Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo and you can get clothes and furniture based off them. The figures look really nice too. Hopefully we will get a proper Nintendo Idol game with more Amiibo to go with.

Best New Job/Class 2016 – Kitsune (Fire Emblem Fates Birthright/Revelation)

Not only do those of the Kitsune class have cute fox ears and tails they also can transform into foxes fully. Now if only they implemented some sort of hybrid dragon and fox transformation into the game.

Best Job/Class Outfit 2016 –  Yōkai (Bravely Second End Layer)

A Japanese style kimono outfit complete with cute hair style, fox ears and fox tail. Due to the second job system in Bravely everyone can be a fox but still have standard RPG party set up.

Series Awards

Biggest Disappointment 2016 – Star Fox Zero (WiiU)

After waiting ten years for a new entry to the series we get re-imagined version of a remake of the first game. It doesn’t help the game at best feels a little out of date. While it still can be enjoyable there isn’t much here to enjoy. One of the best things to come from Zero is the anime adaptation of the first mission called The Battle Begins.

Cutest Crossover 2016 – Return to PopoloCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale (3DS)

A very cute farming life sim RPG which is a crossover between Story of Seasons previously localised as Harvest Moon and PopoloCrois. Not only are the characters very cute but the farming animals are also very cute.

Most Relaxing 2016 – Amanchu! (Anime)

A slice of life anime focusing on a school scuba diving club. Featuring a lot of cute moments mixed in with scuba diving. Although the focus is more on the cute activities.

Most Sparkly 2016 -Magic-Kyun! Renaissance (Anime)

While it may not win awards for its story or uniqueness this anime knows how to do its sparkles. The characters in anime perform some sort of art like skill which produces the sparkles.

Most Improved Sequel 2016 – Disney Magical World 2 (3DS)

While still having issues with lag everything they have changed or added to the game just further improves from the previous entry. At least from a Disney fan perspective.

Long Awaited Sequel 2016 – Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card (Manga)

As a fan of the manga artists Clamp and also one of the first anime I became a fan of that I can remember I am overjoyed with the return of Cardcaptor Sakura. Looking forward to the anime adaptation even though it’s a long way off.

Unexpectedly As Good As Previous 2016 – Love Live! Sunshine!! (Anime)

I wasn’t expecting myself to enjoy this anime as much as I did the first Love Live. I had grown to love the μ’s and the members of that idol group and it’s hard to say goodbye to them. However Sunshine!! made me fall in love with the sequel group Aquors. While it does take bit too much from first anime it’s still just as fun.

Best Anime Game 2016 – Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE (WiiU)

While a lot of games have some form of an anime look this is the first game that generally felt like I was playing an anime. The style, music, story, animations and even the combat system all help towards this. Whenever I think of anime and games this is now the first game that comes to mind.