My Thoughts on E3 – 2016

With E3 over and having a few days to contemplate and get back into a more normal routine it’s time to put down my thoughts on this year’s E3.

The Games

While the main focus has been on Zelda there has been a number of other games were shown. It’s surprising to look back and see the list of games. While not a huge number with Zelda being centre of attention it’s easy to forget there were other games.

Ever Oasis

As a fan of action RPGs  and games you can build your own little town this gave has caught my attention. It definitely looks promising. However having to enter the dungeon with the right characters or be forced go back and get them has me worried.

Dragon Quest VII : Fragments of the Forgotten Past

Although not a fan of the art style I really enjoyed Dragon Quest IX. I could see myself getting Dragon Quest VII. Definitely looks like a really well made remake.

Mario Party Star Rush

I rarely play local multiplayer so this game will be a miss for me. The star rush mode looks fun though.

Monster Hunter Generations

I remember a Summer I spent playing Monster Hunter Tri on Wii. Generations looks like a fun new edition to the series. I’ve already been playing the demo.

Paper Mario : Colo(u)r Splash

Missing U aside I am torn over the game. I don’t mean that as a joke. I was a huge fan of the Thousand-Year Door entry to the series. This game looks closer to Sticker Star entry which I didn’t enjoy as much.

Pokémon Go

An interesting looking game and while the initial trailer got me excited I find myself less excited for it now. While it still looks like it might be fun not sure I could get full use of it.

Pokémon Sun and Moon

As a fan of the series really looking forward to the newest entry to the series. There isn’t really much more I need or could add to that.

Story of  Seasons : Trio of Villages

Another series I’m a fan of and looking forward to getting a new game of. Excited that a special marriage candidate is a fox.

The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild

The main focus of this year’s E3. With most of an entire day dedicated to the game on Treehouse Live. Which was probably going a step too far. To be fair since so much of the game was covered it needs its own post.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE

Really excited for the game’s release in a few days time. I thought it was odd Nintendo showing off the game at E3 but maybe it did the game some good.

Yo-Kai Watch 2

I tried the demo of the previous game. While the battle system was fun I wasn’t keen on the style of the script or of the look of the monsters.

Visit Nintendo’s E3 site for trailers and more information on the games:

Final Thoughts

Even with the lack of a presentation or Direct this year’s E3 hasn’t been as bad as expected. A big part of that is because of the new Zelda game. Spending most of one Treehouse live focusing on the game might not have been the best idea though. The other games in comparison lacked the same level of impact but they didn’t need to. Zelda stole the show. The only real problem with this year’s E3 is that I really want an open world Star Fox Adventures game now.