Pre-E3 Thoughts – 2016

With E3 quickly approaching. I decided to share my thoughts about Nintendo and upcoming E3.

What to Expect

Super Smash Bros.
When it comes to Nintendo unrealistic expectations are common place. So long as it’s taken in good fun you can enjoy the hype.

  1. The upcoming Nintendo console NX has been delayed. The console won’t be out till next year and Nintendo has decided to not bring it to E3.
  2. This year’s E3 the main focus and only playable game is the upcoming new Legend of Zelda game for WiiU and NX. Only the WiiU version will be playable.
  3. There are other Nintendo games and games for Nintendo consoles at E3. A few will be shown during the E3 Tree House Live Stream.

Nintendo Live Stream Schedule

Please note these are only games Nintendo have confirmed will be shown at this time. The exact order of the games and times they will be shown where not given.

Tuesday 14th June – 17:00 BST

  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Pokémon Sun and Moon

Wednesday 15th June – 18:00 BST

  • Pokémon GO
  • Monster Hunter Generations – Capcom
  • Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past – Square Enix
  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE – Atlus
  • Other upcoming WiiU and 3DS games

Reality Check

Super Smash Bros.
Here are a list of rumours or common desires around Nintendo’s E3 and my thoughts on how realistic they are.

Rumour: Major NX News

Possibility: Very Unlikely

With the NX not being at E3 this year we won’t be hearing a great deal about the console itself. However it’s possible we may get a few third-party NX game announcements. Square Enix has already announced that both Dragon Quest X and XI will release on NX.

Rumour: New Major Nintendo Game

Possibility: Unlikely

With a new console coming out next year  it’s very likely majority of games Nintendo are developing will be for that console. Unfortunately will have to wait longer to find out what those games are. However this is Nintendo and there is also the 3DS so I could see them announcing a surprise major game at some point during E3.

Rumour:  Remake

Possibility: Likely

With the NX delay I could see Nintendo doing a quick remake to pad out this year’s releases. A Wii game being ported to WiiU seems the easiest option. Something like that could be done within a year.

Rumour:  More Amiibo

Possibility: It Will Happen

Amiibo are popular and there are always announcements of new ones coming out. Recently Capcom announced Monster Hunter Amiibo so we could see more third-party Amiibo.

Rumour: New eShop Release

Possibility: It’s Happening

Regardless of anything else Nintendo always releases something every week for the eShop. During E3 they tend to release at least one major digital game. Most often a Virtual Console release.

Rumour: More Updates

Possibility: It’s Happening

Pokkén Tournament already has an upcoming update announced. Splatoon is constantly getting more updates. Still releasing Fire Emblem Fates DLC. Probably more games will get updates and maybe even new DLC.

My E3 Dream List

Sticking to 5 as I have lot more wants and desires. I know that most will not come close to happening. Even so it’s fun to think about it.

Amiibo, Updates and DLC

Super Smash Bros.

  1. More Star Fox Amiibo – Need full team set. At the least this would be Fox, Krystal, Falco, Slippy and Peppy.
  2. Star Fox Zero Extra Missions – The game just isn’t big enough. Would love a prequel Adventures mission.
  3. More Idol Amiibo – With the Squid Sisters getting Amiibo I want to see more idol characters getting Amiibos too.
  4. More Mario Kart 8 Tracks and Characters – The game may feel big enough and it’s a lot of fun. For that reason I would love to see more tracks based on other Nintendo series. Star Fox in particular.
  5. Super Smash Bros – I know time for character DLC has ended but I would still love to see Krystal in Smash Bros.

Sequel Games

Super Smash Bros.

  1. New Star Fox – A proper new Star Fox game. With members of the team Fox, Krystal, Falco, Slippy and Peppy. With more modes in particular multiplayer ones and proper 5 player co-op missions.
  2. Star Fox Adventures 2 by Monolith Soft – Monolith Soft as proven with Xenoblade Chronicles X that they would be perfect fit for a Star Fox Adventures sequel. Based on another plant within the Lylat System of course.
  3. Pokémon Sun and Moon – I hope we finally get an eevelution that can learn the ability Fly.
  4. Tokyo Mirage Sessions 2 ♯N – While I haven’t played the first game yet would love for another game in similar style featuring wider variety of Nintendo characters. In particular would love to see Idol Krystal for Star Fox.
  5. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance 2 – Not a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts but I do love Dream Eaters and Dream Drop Distance on 3DS. I hope we see another Dream Drop Distance style game.


Super Smash Bros.

  1. Star Fox Adventures and Assault – With Zero being a re-imagining of the first game it makes me want remakes of the two sequel games. Command needs something a bit more drastic.
  2. Final Fantasy VI Bravely Style – My favourite Final fantasy game done in the hand drawn sprite style I like. It would be amazing.
  3. Paper Mario Thousand-Year Door – With the upcoming Paper Mario game I’m reminded of the GC game. Needless to say it is fondly remembered by a lot of gamers and more RPGs on Nintendo consoles is always a good thing.
  4. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles – An action RPG known for it’s 4 player co-op. This would be a great game to remake with addition of online modes.

Crossover Games

Inkling (Splatoon)

  1. Star Fox Assault x Macross Frontier – These two are meant to be together. Both share so many similarities.
  2. Pokémon x Idol – After seeing the ton of fan art featuring various anime idols and Pokémon it seems a huge shame that we have yet to get such a crossover.
  3. Story of Seasons x Pokémon – Addictive farming life sim meets addictive cute monsters. This is bound to be hugely addictive and fun game.
  4. Lylat Warriors – A warriors styled game based on Star Fox characters. I still think this would be a lot of fun even if it means lack of arwings. I’m sure they could add in odd arwing segments between.
  5. Vocoloid x Nintendo – A vocaloid music game featuring music, stages and costumes based on Nintendo games. Preferably with Amiibo support.