Why I’m Excited for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

Chiki (Genei Ibun Roku #FE)Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is the long-awaited Fire Emblem  and Shin Megami Tensei  crossover game developed and localised by Atlus exclusively for WiiU. This unexpected crossover became  an even more unexpected JRPG. Game play wise its features turn based combat in similar style to Persona series with Fire Emblem twist. it also has some pretty weird dungeons done in Persona style. However the unexpected element came from the story which features a cast of characters living in modern-day Japan who work in the Japanese entertainment industry. Which didn’t make many fans happy and some are still confused by it. With the English release getting closer new information on the localization has made more people unhappy. I decided to share reasons why I’m excited for this game for this reason.

To begin with the game is a rarity on Nintendo consoles. While hand-held systems tend to get a decent showing  of JRPGs the genre isn’t known to be on Nintendo home consoles.  To make this an even rarer occurrence this is a turn based JRPG and it’s getting a physical release in Europe. In Europe the Wii missed out on a number of JRPGs and on 3DS a number of JRPGs have recently only got a digital only release. With NIS America no longer localizing Atlus games for European release it could well be the one of the last Atlus games that get released in Europe. Of course being a rarity is only part of the reason I am excited for the game.

As an Idol anime fan I am very happy to see the game has a number of different idols in the game. This comes with a variety in music as well. I know a number of people will write the game off for those exact reasons though. To be fair this is perfectly understandable. When it comes to anime very few idol shows have high quality music. Not to say it’s bad but it’s not amazing. With this game the music and the concert scenes were handled by the Avex Group. A popular real life music label in Japan. So the quality of music and the concert scenes in the game are pretty high.

For anime fans you may have heard about Avex Group. This is because they have been involved in the really popular Love Live School Idol Project. You can really tell that shared connection through a number of concert scenes in both. This connection goes on step further as the voice across for Ayase Eli is the same voice for one of the game’s idol Kiria Kurono. As a fan of Love Live I am happy to hear more music from members of μ’s.

However I also understand that the game itself is a turn based JRPG and not an idol game. While it shares a bond with two other games I feel this game will be enjoyable on its own merits. Although it’s definitely geared towards Fire Emblem fans. The combat itself looks pretty fun. Some attacks being based on the story and entertainment side. There are also a number of typical JRPG attacks although a lot have added flair. The intros to the battle are pretty much a mini show of its own as well. With characters racing in with their Fire Emblem counterpart before transforming for battle.

The dungeons are a little weird-looking yet not in a bad way. The style of the dungeons are also a bit more unique than standard fire, water type themes. Often based on warped real life locations. In fact most of the game’s locations are based  on real life locations in Tokyo. While the game’s world and length no way near as huge as Xenoblade Chronicles X is I can see myself replaying this game. With higher difficulty modes and New Game + definitely feels like a game I would go back to.

As you can tell I’m pretty excited for the game for a number of reasons. Before I get even more carried away I will stop. I hope sharing them will at least make some people consider giving the game another look. It will never be for everyone but if you even have the slightest interest in the game give it a chance before you have no chance at all.