Game and Anime Suggestions – Star Fox Themed

With the recent release of Star Fox Zero I thought I would add some suggestion for fellow Star Fox series fans. I won’t be including suggestions based on first game due to how many versions of the game are currently available.

Star Fox Adventures

Dog Days – Anime

The series is a fun light-hearted series of adventures but it is fan service heavy at times.  The story revolves around a human who finds himself transported into a world of furries. He takes part in fun competitive wars where the worst thing that can happen is loss of armour.

Rune Factory 4 – 3DS

The game is part farming life sim and action RPG.  To begin with you fall on top of a dragon and  are made into the town’s prince or princess. You battle huge monsters in action based combat or you can befriend them. Also can befriend the locals and maybe even marry one. Of note is the male part fox marriage candidate Leon.

Xenoblade Chronicles X – WiiU

A futuristic action JRPG which has mechs and a huge planet to explore. As a member of Blade you have to help build up the colony. You take on enemy aliens and monsters. Later you get your own mech which you can customise. This mech can be used in combat and for exploration.

Star Fox Assault

Kid Icarus Uprising – 3DS

An action game that involves both flying and shooting on ground. It features an Angel named Pit. He takes on a variety of large from the underworld to try to protect humankind. During some chapters he gets to ride vehicles.

Macross Frontier – Anime

Macross Frontier
Humanity have taken to the stars and searching for planets to colonise. This story focuses on Frontier. The people on board find themselves under attack from giant alien space bugs. The members of the SOS Brigade pilot mechs to take down the space bugs with the support of idols.

Solotorobo – DS

An action JRPG where you pilot a mech. Starring Red a furry fox looking canine who is a type of mercenary. He travels around floating islands taking on a variety of missions with his friends. The game has two major arcs and has an episodic anime feel to it.

Star Fox Command

Fire Emblem Fates Birthright – 3DS

A turn based strategy game and newest entry to the Fire Emblem series. You play as a Prince or Princess who commands an army. There are two versions of the game with exclusive job classes. In Birthright it’s more Japanese style and features the type of fox job class allowing a unit to transform into a fox to attack. If you buy the DLC Revelations you can still get the fox unit.

Inu x Boku SS and Kamisama Kiss – Anime

Inu x Boku SS

Kamisama Hajimemashita
When it comes to romance and foxes two anime comes to mind. While it stars the female character the main love interest is a fox. Both have different takes on this relationship and are quite different in terms of style too.