Star Fox Series – Mini Reviews

This is a quick look back at the series. To be fair to those who have yet to play any of the series I won’t be going heavily into the storyline or characters.

Star Fox are a team of mercenaries hired by Corneria’s Defence to take on enemies of the Lylat System. The team and rest of the characters are anthropomorphic or more commonly known as furries. The lead is a fox called Fox McCloud. The main team being Krystal, Falco, Slippy and Peppy. They pilot Arwings and travel on board the Great Fox through space. It also has extended members that appear during certain games. Not to forget the rival and often enemy team known as Star Wolf. The main three being Wolf, Leon and Panther. They pilot Wolfens and often there to cause trouble but sometimes help out too.

Star Wing, Lylat Wars and Star Fox 64 3D

Star Fox

Where the story begins. A mostly on-rails shooter where the team takes on Andross and Venom’s army. The game has in total six releases. Snes, N64, Wii Virtual Console, WiiU Virtual Console, 3DS and finally upcoming Zero for WiiU. It also has number of fans solely dedicated to this game.

Weaknesses – The storyline is very short and some versions you can’t save between missions. It’s also had way too many releases compared to other games in the series. If you are a fan of the series you will own or will be owning three or more copies of this one game. It’s around that number it can get to be too much even if it is a good game.

Strengths – That game is ideal for quick plays. In particular the 3DS version is great for this as you can play on the go. The game has some fun level design which is helped by the memorable one liners.

Star Fox Adventures

Star Fox

The game takes place 8 years after the first. After having no job for ages Fox finds himself going down to a dinosaur planet to try to prevent its destruction. It introduces on-foot and the main female character Krystal. Unlike the first game it’s mostly on foot adventuring with on-rail segments in-between. While different it brought in new fans that otherwise would have overlooked the Star Fox series.

Weaknesses – If you were expecting something like Star Fox 64-2 then this game would be a huge disappointment. There is also a lot of untapped potential between the mixture of genres.

Strengths – It is a pretty game and one of the best looking on the GameCube. With lots of memorable cut scenes and first good look at a planet within the Lylat System. It is a good adventure genre game with some fun boss segments.

Star Fox Assault

Star Fox

The game takes place around a year after Adventures with a mixture of different missions. Both on foot third person shooter style and on rails in an arwing. The team initially are tasked with taking down forces from Venom but are soon faced with a greater enemy the Aparoids. Insect machines with hive mind that adsorbs other living things to their collective.

Weaknesses – It’s not a long game and there are missions you are forced to go on foot.

Strengths – The game has the best multiplayer in the series which very few would have had chance to play properly. It allows players on-foot missions to ride landmaster tank or arwing.

Star Fox Command

Super Smash Bros.

The is the last new game entry to the series adds strategy elements and almost entirely removes on rails. With only arwing combat with the addition of drawing out where members of the team would go and take on enemies. It features branching storyline and multiple endings and ability to play as entire team during every mission.

Weaknesses – A lot of minor frustrating gameplay elements with one huge depressing storyline.

Strengths – The initial release it had online multiplayer even though it was arwing vs arwing only. Being able to play as the entire team during story meant none of the characters were useless.

Overall Series

Super Smash Bros.

It’s a huge mixture of styles which might not be to everyone taste but for me it’s part of the fun of the series. The biggest downside of the series is we are still waiting for that new game. Star Fox Zero being re-imagining of the first game leaves many questions unanswered in regards to the series as a whole.

Note: Star Fox characters have also appeared in Super Smash bros series as well as stages based on the game.