Game Suggestions – Egg Themed

Looking for some games with a strong presence or at least moment with eggs. Here are my top suggestions…

5 Bokujō Monogatari

A long running farming life sim series previously localised as Harvest Moon now as Story of Seasons. Obviously it features the egg laying chickens but over recent years a variety of egg laying animals have been added and removed from the games. Not to forget the spin-off series Rune Factory as well.

4 Pokémon

It would be difficult to create such a list without at least one monster themed game. Pokémon was chosen due to fond memories. Breeding Pokémon and hatching Pokémon eggs is a popular past time for many trainers. Not to forget the egg themed and baby Pokémon.

3 Paper Mario Thousand Year Door

I could have chosen from many  Mario games but I picked this one due to the eggs attitude. At one point in the game you encounter a talkative and bouncing egg. Mario rescues the egg and later it hatches into a Yoshi. Yoshi joins your team comes bringing a wide range of egg themed moves.

2 Star Fox Adventures

Due to upcoming re-imaging Zero I felt this game deserved a mention. This game has a lot of eggs in it. Mostly featuring the health regenerative egg laid by a mysterious bird we never see. It also has a part where you have to rescue Mother ThornTail’s eggs from the pesky egg thieves.

1 Animal Crossing

This life sim game base don real-time has an event called Bunny Day. This day has you collecting eggs. The bunny Zipper T will reward the player with a random egg themed furniture. In the recent spin-off Happy Home Designer Nintendo release downloadable Monster Hunter themed extra villager which comes with eggs!