Where is Krystal?

Where is Krystal is a fan driven Miiverse mission. This mission is to highlight importance and the disappearance of the main female member of the Star Fox team, Krystal.

The Mission

Krystal a valued member of the Star Fox team has been missing for the past few months now. After tirelessly searching throughout the Lylat it is now largely believed she may have found herself in another game’s universe. We are asking gamers everywhere to please help Star Fox locate their missing team member.


You can join the search on Miiverse with any Miiverse supported game. Post images of your search and clues to her whereabouts. If your feeling creative you can draw your own missing posters. Also feel free to share your efforts on any social media site you desire. The more who join the search more likely it is we will find her.

Thank you to all those who will be joining or already part of the search.


Please don’t spam or disrespect other gamers. We are all here to play and enjoy the games.

If you are fan of Krystal be sure to check out Krystal Archive, Twitter’s fan group Team Krystal and the Google Star Fox Krystal Community.

Here are some posters I quickly put together.