Year of the Fox

As a fan of foxes I felt this year in particular is good year. At least in terms of video games. Here are some games I know of releasing this year featuring foxes.

Bravely Second

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy

In the previous game there was a fox job by the name of Arcanist. This job has a really cute red fox costume. There was also a fox merchant called The Faithful Fox that appeared in various places. However this is the sequel game. The Arcanist job class won’t be returning but another fox job will be in the game. It is very likely the merchant will appear again. There are also other jobs with animal themed outfits.

Fire Emblem Fates

Nishiki (Fire Emblem)
Fire Emblem fates releasing as two games Birthright and Conquest or as a joint special edition. In Birthright you get the a character with the new Fox Spirit job class. Normally going around with just fox ears and a trail during combat it’s a full on fox transformation. At a later point DLC will be released for a third story route outside of the two games. You can also download the other story path. So even if you buy Conquest you can still get some fox goodness. At a price of course.

Pokkén Tournament

A fighting game crossover with Takeen starring the lovable Pokémon. While undoubtedly there will be a ton of Pokémon games coming out this year I decided to give this game special attention. The reasoning for that is due to the very small number chosen to be in the starring line-up for the game. One of those is Braixen an evolution of my favourite starter. Not to forget a number of supports also include fox looking Pokémon.

Project X Zone 2

XiaomuA crossover RPG featuring characters from a variety of series across a number of companies. One of the characters in the game is Xiaomu who is a mystic fox sage fox. She is much older then she looks. In the demo she is the main female character. There could well be other fox type characters and creatures hidden in the game.

Star Fox Zero

Star Fox

The long awaited new game for the Star Fox series. While this ended up being a re-imagining and not a new game it’s still nice to see the team return. Even if it’s third version of the first game releasing after a remake of another version of the first game. Even more depressing is the lack of any sign of the blue fox Krystal the series main female team member. Still as a series fan I won’t turn away from more Star Fox.

Bonus Smashified Krystal

Smashified is a fan art project which makes characters in style of Super Smash bros. The most recent entry being Krystal from Star Fox series.