Games and Anime Awards – 2015

The New Year has started in full so now is best time to look back at previous year. Here are awards I have given for key moments or at least things I feel deserving to be remembered. Due to the nature of the awards there might be spoilers.

Anime Awards

Weirdest Way to Win a Contest – Bonjour♪ Sweet Love Patisserie

I watched the series because it has short episodes that are fun and cute. It features a cooking school and a reverse harem of sorts. The cooking involved is mostly a quick scene of the character doing a magical attack type animation meant to represent them cooking followed by the completed dish. Obviously at the end there was a contest to decide who is best at making sweets. Everything feels fairly normal during the finals until the main characters start glowing. Majority of them combine their magical cooking type scenes. The main girl and one of the male harem characters get a complete princess and prince transformation and dance around a bit. Somehow all that makes a giant sweet.

Not Great But Still Fun – Dance with Devils

Dance with Devils is a series that storyline wise I wouldn’t normally watch. It’s a reverse harem featuring Devils with vampires added in for conflict reasons. Storyline is also pretty predictable although it does throw some random stuff later on. The actual reason anyone would watch the series is for the singing parts. This anime is part musical which means for certain parts has musical scenes. These are hugely entertaining even if part of that reason is they don’t exactly fit with the darker themes.

Most Disappointing Sequel – Aquarion Logos

Aquarion series is known for it’s fun and silliness. The third series had a promising concept. The problem is Logos is just no fun at all. With only a few episodes that are entertaining what should have been a unique and interesting series turned into a drag. Half way through the series I dropped it because I just wasn’t having fun and I normally try to stick and watch an entire series. The only reason I have given this award is because i want to remember how much fun the previous two series of Aquarion was to watch.

Song Most in Need of New Lyrics – Dog Days”

Dog Days is a silly and fun yet fan service heavy series. It’s main focus is on war games where different countries compete. Millhiore Firianno Biscotti the Princess of one of the countries but she is also an idol. During one episode in season three she is asked to sing to revive a Whale while inside the whale. This scene is amazing. Not only does it end conflict and revive the whale it looks really pretty too. The major downside is that the lyrics consist of “la”. For such an amazing scene it’s a huge disappointment they didn’t provide any real lyrics.

Idol That Needed More Screen Time – Ranko Kanzaki

Ranko comes from IdolM@ster Cinderella Girls. It’s a series about idols and their struggles of becoming famous or maintaining their popularity. In Cinderella Girls there are a whole lot of idols but out of all them the one that stood out most was Ranko. Even though most of the series she is more or less background furniture her clothing style and way she spoke made her stand out. I can only hope she gets more attention elsewhere. She definitely didn’t get it in the series.

Gaming Awards

Good Bad News – Star Fox Zero Delay

When it comes to delays in gaming world it’s often met with huge disappointment. With Star Fox Zero’s delay it’s filled with hype and hope. For started the game is the fourth version of the first game in the series. Considering the previous game was another version of the first game it wasn’t most exciting news at E3. Add in that this means characters that appear later such as Krystal have little to no chance of appearing and the visuals weren’t that amazing a lot of fans were disappointed.  The idea the delay might fix some of those issues has brought hope and hype back.

Best Value for Money – Xenoblade Chronicles X

The game world is huge and a whole lot of fun. It’s type of game you can buy and you don’t feel the need to buy another game for ages. So much of your time is spent playing it that you just don’t have time for any other game nor do you want another game to distract you. Which is why it’s great value for money. You will spend so much time with the game that it makes the prise worthwhile.

Cutest Game – Project Mirai DX

When it comes to cute this game comes with bucket loads. Cute chibi styled characters doing cute animations. Well mostly cut animations anyway. What makes this game win isn’t just because it’s cute but because it isn’t overly cute with no reason for the style of it. Done to promote an action figure line that uses similar visuals the style makes sense. In some ways I prefer it over then not chibi style. The facial expressions suit the chibi style perfectly. The rhythm game is also a lot of fun.

Best Duo – Squid Sisters

Best new duo in gaming is easily the Squid Sisters. A mixture of best freinds and friendly rivals. Plenty of fun reactions and conversation between them and on top of that they are an idol group. They have a number of fun songs in game which many enjoy listening to. It helps the game Splatoon is a lot of fun to play too.

Name Confusion – Story of Seasons

Story of Seasons is the latest entry in the well known farming series from Japan which just released at the end of the year. The Japanese name for the series is Bokujou Monogatari but you probably know the series better by the name of Harvest Moon.  Xseed now brings the series over to America under the name Story of Seasons which is the game that follows on from Harvest Moon A New Beginning. The real confusion is that Natsume uses the Harvest Moon name for their own new farming life sim game. Add in many sites reports on news relating to Bokujou Monogatari as Harvest Moon still it can become very confusing to even fans of the series.

Best New NFC Toy – Woolly Yoshi Amiibo

What makes this Amiibo great is that it comes in a variety of colours and there is even a larger version of the Amiibo. However what makes this the best is that it’s actually woolly Yoshi. The Amiibo works like the regular Amiibo versions of Yoshi. It feels more playable and looks very cute when compared to other NFC toys.

Missing in Action – Krystal (McCloud)

The main female member of the Star Fox team while possibly still absent from Zero and not being added to Super Smash Bros we shouldn’t give up hope or believe that this will be the end of her. Her importance in the series and being playable for all but one game in the series means it’s unlikely we will see the end of her. Hopefully we will hear about her soon.