Krystal for Smash Afterthoughts

The ballot has ended and has left something of an empty space where it once was. The excitement and hopes of many fans that their favourite characters would be brought into the game are quieting down as we all eagerly await news. While we wait I will share some of my afterthoughts on the whole thing.

Vote for Krystal

For those not in the know Krystal is the main female characters of the Star Fox series. A female blue furry vixen that first appeared and was playable for a time in Star Fox Adventures. Even since then she has been a huge part of the series and been a playable option in at least multiplayer mode. While she has a strong fan following she is also hated. You see not every Star Fox fan likes the entire series and those fans tend to hate Krystal as a result of that. Krystal unfairly gets associated with their own lack of enjoyment with the games. It is far easier to blame the person in front then the actual people who are at fault working in the background.

On the day the ballot was announced I made sure to vote for Krystal as soon as I could. While I supported her it was fairly quite experience at least to begin with. You see at the time with a new Star Fox game coming it felt like a certain thing she would be in that game. Even if she didn’t make it to Smash she would be playable in that game. It turned out Star Fox Zero was a re-imagining of the first Star Fox game. This left Krystal in a grey area. With no word from Nintendo what her situation was fear among fans as well as annoyance spread. In a sense Nintendo made a huge mistake. By making Zero a re-imaging of the first game Nintendo had opened up a can of worms so to speak. Some fans liked the idea of krystal leaving Star Fox but another lot including myself don’t like the idea. In my mind Star Fox is about a team of friends and family and I hate to see them separated.

With Zero having no sign of Krystal this left a lot of her fans and those that wanted her to continue with the series only one option to show their support. In a sense this was helped by fans who didn’t like Zero claiming Zero had written off Krystal thus increasing the fear factor. Fear of losing a character is a horrible thing. A character as important as Krystal potentially disappearing leaves a lot of others in a dangerous situation. So support for Krystal to be in Smash became much more livelier and I have to say I helped or made situation worse depending on how you look at it. I was in particular surprised by support on Miiverse for her. Some amazing fan art to show fan’s desire for her to join Smash is what left the strongest impression with me. The Support Fox miiverse looks more empty and plain now. Regardless the ballot ended with a bang. All that is left is to wait and see which characters gets announced.

I don’t really have any huge regrets about it. If anything I feel a bit annoyed at Nintendo for the whole situation. If Wolf had returned and krystal joined as a newcomer a lot of what happened during the ballot wouldn’t have happened. The fear of Krystal having no role in future Star fox games wouldn’t have existed. Likewise the fear that she would push Wolf out from being in Smash bros 3DS and WIiU regardless of how stupid that is wouldn’t have existed either. However at the same time I feel if that didn’t happen there wouldn’t have been the amazing show of support for Krystal.

Moving on I guess what’s left is to speculate on odds of Krystal joining Smash. After seeing the support for her across various social media sites and with her absence from Zero I can easily see her ranking quite highly in the ballot. Remember not everyone will be brave enough to show their support for Krystal. She was also considered for Brawl but lost out due to time restraints and with DLC this wouldn’t be as big of an issue. So the possibility is there. As for Zero…

With Zero’s delay a few weeks before Smash ballot ending it leaves one to wonder if the two are connected. Zero has Amiibo support and we know the Falco Amiibo is still planned to release on the same day Zero would have. While the official statement makes it sound like gameplay changes are main reason for the delay it’s odd Nintendo are still showing off the E3 demo at events. If Krystal was to get added to Smash she would get an Amiibo and Zero support Amiibo. Be odd for it not to support a Star Fox Amiibo. Obviously including her in the game in some form would require at the least a character model. It may require a few reworded lines for missions or multiplayer which would also mean more voice work is required. Which is why I doubt if the delay had anything to do with Smash it wouldn’t be Wolf. We already know he is in the game so wouldn’t need as much work so a delay would make less sense. It’s also possible Zero’s delay was caused by the show of support for Krystal regardless of her appearing in Smash or not. Star Fox is in a dangerous position and removing a character that is clearly getting support and has a strong fan base is not a good idea.

After all that though I don’t really think Krystal will get into the game. It would be a great opportunity to give her a new design and potentially increase interest in the now delayed Zero. My main hope is Nintendo realise how popular Krystal is and keep her with the series. That Krystal will remain as a member of Star Fox.