Speculation – Star Fox Adventures Zero

With Star Fox Zero’s release getting ever closer and with Smash Bros Ballet also coming to an end I thought it was time to write some crazy Star Fox speculation.

At one point a Star Fox Adventures remake was considered for 3DS. Seems like a weird place to start but if you think about it this would have been around time Zero was in development. Zero being a re-imagining for first Star Fox game remaking the game that follows on would make perfect sense. However this would also make things difficult for Zero. One of the slight draws to the game is that it’s the first game all over again. Having a remake of the sequel release before Zero or even around it would add further confusion. So it’s likely the Adventures remake was cancelled for this reason. This is where things get interesting.

During development for Zero Monolith Soft was considered. When I think Monolith Soft I think of the huge worlds and beautiful environments in their games. Making them an odd choice for Zero. However they would be ideal for Star Fox Adventures type game. You watch some trailers for Xenoblade Chronicles X and for me I could easily see that work within Star Fox series. Being able to jump into mech and freely explore a planet would be perfect for Star Fox Adventures sequel or re-imagined version.  It’s possible Nintendo decided the same thing. To have Monolith Soft instead create Adventures Zero/2.

On its own you may think that sounds a bit far-fetched. To be honest I agree. There is something else that supports this. The absence of the series main female character and main female member of the Star Fox team namely Krystal. Zero being the first game again it’s unlikely she would make an appearance however Nintendo have been very quiet regarding Krystal which is very odd all things considered. Looking at Miiverse and various other communities Krystal is a popular character from the series. Even if fans of the first Star Fox game disagree with that my fan-art collection shows otherwise. She was also considered to be a playable in Super Smash Bros Brawl. So it makes no sense not to say anything unless they had future plans. Adventures being the first game Krystal appeared in it would make sense to announce or release another Adventures style game to bring her back in so to speak. A game that could give her a more set personality as well as flesh out her relationship with Fox McCloud.

This is just a bit of fun speculation. Also a good way to ask you to please vote for Krystal in the Smash Ballot. I don’t want to see the Star Fox team separated. Thankyou.

Bonus: Star Fox Adventures originally released on 22nd November in UK which is oddly close to Zero and Falco Amiibo’s release date. Ironically Falco was missing during Adventures but turned up by the end of it. Could the same be said for Krystal and Zero?