Project Mirai DX Demo Thoughts

Yesterday in Europe and America the demo for Project Mirai DX was released. Of course I immediately downloaded it and had a go. I will now share my thoughts after trying the demo out.

The first thing I noticed was how in Europe we only get one go with the demo. No matter how you try to sugar coat this it’s obviously a mistake. Both Japanese and American versions of the demo allow for thirty goes. So I made sure to stretch my go so it lasted most of the afternoon and into the evening.

Once in the demo I was a bit surprised how much cuter the game is on 3DS. Obviously on video on the computer screens are bigger so distorts the image. When you see it in action on 3DS it is insanely cute. Miku in this game is the equivalent to a cute puppy dog. She looks at you with those big eyes of hers and it’s the cutest thing ever. While in the main menu or little pink room before the song Miku has a few animations she goes through and I would suggest to leave it idle just to watch her. It is really cute.

Once satisfied with watching adorable chibi Miku you can look on bottom screen for the few options you do get in the demo. A choice between button and touch mode for the songs which I will get to. The other option is to dress up Miku. To begin with you set the style of Miku then choose clothes for her to wear. Which is a bit weird but in the final game the head styles are fixed to that particular vocaloid but the clothes are gender fixed. Also in final game some styles you can change colour of parts of it.  During the dress up mode you can rotate the camera around her fully. Can also move camera up or down slightly. She has three outfits to choose from. Her first default one is her standard outfit. It’s the one you see her in most of the time. The other two are based on the songs that are in the demo. One being a cute bunny outfit. Which is a bunny hood with a cute style dress which has a giant bow on front and a bunny tail at the back. Finally we got like cross between a weird pink uniform and kimono. It has like a captain’s hat with jacket that has kimono type sleeves and short skirt. It is cute but the bunny outfit is far better. The downside to all three styles is that they don’t work well when trying to mix and match. You can’t put them together and make them look nice. Having to mix with the default style. There are a ton of possible styles in the full game so it’s a minor annoyance with the demo version.

Once you have dressed up Miku you can pick a mode then a song. There are only two songs to choose from. One being LOL – Lots of Laugh – and the second one is Senbonsakura. There are three difficulties but nothing to test out any of the customisation for the controls and additional gameplay options that you get in the full game. The buttons or parts of the touch screen you need to press come up on a track on the top screen in front of the cute PV. The track is different for each song but it works with the PV. Touch controls have allocated buttons on the bottom screen. You tap the correct button or slash anywhere on the touch screen. Easy mode has only one giant button to tap so if like me and struggles with these types of games that’s mode you want to use. Obviously higher difficulties add more buttons on touch screen. The button mode works very similar. Higher difficulties add more buttons you need to press. You also have to use the directional type buttons in the higher difficulties.

LOL – Lots of Laugh – is a fun weird song. I do question why it is in the demo over some of the other songs that could have been chosen. It’s not one of the best songs in the game and the track where button guide comes up is a little confusing at times. Although the outfit that comes with it is the cute bunny one so I forgive it. The PV itself follows Miku as she goes around a theme park with a cute but creepy person in a rabbit mascot type costume. They go on a variety of rides which is cute. Miku cutely rejects the haunted rabbit mascot house. No one really blames her for that. The rabbit mascot is creepy but I put that down to its fixed expression.

Senbonsakura is the better song of the two. The PV has Miku dancing on top of a mecha train which goes through some Japanese style countryside. During the high-speed ride ghosts appear and while Miku is dancing the train transforms a bit and fires a canon at the ghosts. it also has a fireworks setting as well. All the time Miku is singing and dancing on top this train. Eventually the train takes off and flies into the sky and Miku does a finishing pose. Still not entirely sure what the idea behind this PV is but it’s fun.

Overall I really enjoyed the demo but now it’s gone because I only had one use of it. It was also an extremely limited demo. Would have been nice to have a few gameplay adjustment options. Even though it’s a one use demo please give it a go. The demo is free and it’s not a huge file size. If you find that you loved it the full game is out 11th September.