My Top 10 Upcoming Cute Games for 3DS and WiiU

Here is my personal top 10 upcoming games list in order of what I am most hyped about. This is definitely not a list of the only upcoming games I will buy. Just ones I am most excited for right now.

10. Bravely Second End Layer – 3DS

I’m happy to see a sequel to a JRPG I enjoyed.  It doesn’t do anything too drastically different. In some ways that is a good thing but it fails to keep me excited because of it.

9. Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon – 3DS

It will be my first Pokémon mystery dungeon game however I have played the Chocobo one that released on WiiU. I enjoyed that so looking forward to trying out a Pokémon version.

8. Stella Glow – 3DS

It’s a turn based strategy JRPG. It features witches and song magic. Being this is from the same company that originally did Luminous Arc series I am quite excited for this game.

7. Project Mirai DX – 3DS

With the game’s delay and seeing footage of the Japanese version I’m not as hyped for this as I was before. Still very happy to see the game getting a European release.

6. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – 3DS

I watched a Live Stream of the game by Nintendo at Hyper Japan event and now I am excited for the game. I do like customizing houses and that’s what this game is about.

5. Star Fox Zero – WiiU

I am really torn about this game. As a Star Fox fan I am happy and excited to see a new Star Fox game. As a series fan there is so much stuff that is slightly wrong with it.

4. Xenoblade Chronicles X – WiiU

I am very excited for this game. Having been out in Japan for a bit and me avoiding spoilers there hasn’t been much news. In particular hasn’t been any updates on English version of the game.

3. Fire Emblem Fates – 3DS

Having really enjoyed Fire Emblem Awakening I am very excited for this game. I will be picking Hoshido if I can’t get the double version. Yes it’s so my character can marry the fox character.

2. Disney’s Magical Worlds 2 – 3DS

Having played and still occasionally play the first game very happy to see a sequel. A lot of the stuff added is just what I wanted them to add as well. Need to wait for EU release though…

1. Genei Ibun Roku ♯FE – WiiU

Being an Idol JRPG set in modern type Japan it’s hard not to get excited for it. Learning certain people involved in Love Live are working on this just increases the excitement.