Krystal and Star Fox Zero

Krystal has been playable member of Star Fox team in majority of the series. She has been important part to the storyline and is the main female member of the team. Her absence in Star Fox Zero is a sore spot for many fans of the series.Many being distracted by her absence during the trailer. What makes this worse is how quiet the situation is. I’m here to kick up a bit of a fuss about it.

Vote for Krystal the main female member of Star Fox team to be in Super Smash bros!

Reasons she should be in the game

I could have written a huge list of reasons but most would be variations of one bigger reason or opinion. So I decide to go for bigger and stronger reasons instead of a lot of little stupid ones. There was another reason but at this time I can’t remember it. It may be added in later.

Girl Power! – If you really want the series to gain more fans removing the main female character option is not the way to go about it. One of the bigger promoted elements in Hyrule Warriors and Super Smash Bros 3DS and WiiU is the amount of playable female characters. A number of newly released and upcoming games from Nintendo gives you a male or female option. There are some people who can only really connect and want to play as a female character. With local and the promise of a future 1v1 online multi-player it makes sense for at least in those modes to include her. Krystal is more or less female counterpart to Fox as well. She is an ideal choice to have in the game for that reason. I like Katt but one female character option doesn’t really give a nice selection when compared to the male character line-up. Variety in both genders is important. We don’t want to be stuck playing  or going up against the same few characters all the time.

Protect Other Characters! – Krystal has been the main female character of the Star Fox series for a long time now. She has had a role and been playable in majority of the storyline. If Nintendo are willing to remove a character of such importance that leaves us in a very dangerous situation. Not just for Star Fox series but other Nintendo franchises as well. If they can remove a main female character from one series any character less important or even of equal importance can just as easily be removed or replaced. At the least saying she has been removed from the series would go a long way to help alleviate these concerns. The best way is for her to be in the game in some form.

Star Fox

For those against her being in the game

I am well aware not everyone is keen on idea of Krystal being in the game. For some that’s putting it very politely. So I will list the major against reasons I have seen and give you my opinion on them.

Krystal is in rubbish games – If you really don’t like the games Krystal has appeared in that is saying you are not a series fan. If you only like one game in the series that’s fine. Hating on a character for being in games you don’t like is unfair though. A character can not control the quality of the games they appear in. This is down to the developers making the game as well as your own personal preferences. If she was in the game or not does not define the quality of Zero. You will hate or like Zero regardless of Krystal or any other character.

Don’t like Krystal – Personally I like all the Star Fox characters apart from the bad guys for obvious reasons. That’s fine if you don’t like her. I can’t and won’t stop you. However a character can be changed so it’s possible that a version of Krystal might come along that you end up liking. You may also end up hating her more. A side from that you need to consider one thing. During a VS match you will try harder to win against an opponent who is using a character you hate. I have seen it enough times to know this is true. In particular another character Slippy is one lots like to get rid of. So in truth you want a character you really hate to be in the game to motivate you to do better. For that reason you will want her to be in Smash as well. You personally don’t have to play as her either.

Zero is based around first game – I think it’s time we moved from the first game. That aside this won’t affect Krystal appearing or not. Unless Nintendo plan to do Adventures Zero Krystal’s first appearance and age is not defined in Zero. She could appear within the story mode if Nintendo wanted her to. It won’t affect the other games because of what Zero is. More importantly she doesn’t have to be in story mode to be in the game. As mentioned before could easily be a multi-player character. It’s even possible she will be a bonus character brought in through Amiibo. On top of that it’s the first new game in ages. She should be in the game regardless. It’s only right because it has been too long since the last new game. Although technically this isn’t really a new game….


How to show support

There aren’t many ways we can go about bringing Krystal to Zero. The main way is to email Nintendo or make comments on social media sites. Can easily create posts on Miiverse as well. You can also vote for her to be in Super Smash bros WiiU and 3DS. This would at least show interest in the character. However the major problem is lack of a response from Nintendo regarding Krystal. So far no official word has been said about Krystal being in the game or not. Without that to go on its difficult to do anything more than just show interest in her. So please just show interest in her where you can. I have seen a few really nice Miiverse posts so please keep them up. Add a few drawings to Splatoon Miiverse. Those get a lot of attention.