Mini Anime Reviews – Spring 2015

There are mini reviews on three anime I watched this season. I haven’t gone in-depth so as to hopefully avoid spoilers. This is my personal opinion.

Show by Rock!!


Cyan a high school student who is shy finds herself being pulled into the gaming world. Transformed into a lolita with cat ears and tail she finds herself landing into a concert hall and watching a band perform. However during this a strange monster attacks. Cyan then fights off the monster using the guitar Strawberry Heart. Shortly after this she is asked to join the band Plasmagica who are attempting to make it big. Of course she joins.

Quality: 3/5

Storyline wise it feels like two halves. One part and thankfully the larger part of the show feels closer to something like K-on. Generally hanging out with friends and trying to become better performers together. Then it switches to hero show type stuff which feels weird at times. There is also a divide in style. Most of the time it’s more traditionally anime style. During concerts and battles it’s CG chibis. There are times where two aren’t that well brought together.

Fun: 4/5

The show has a lot of fun characters and even with the added strangeness of the two opposing styles I enjoyed it. The drama never gets too heavy with most of the sadder and darker moments are made lighter. Often by a random joke or how the characters react. The chibi style concerts can be fun to watch. In particular one group was a lot of fun to watch. Big part of way I enjoyed it was due to them being furries though.

Cuteness: 4/5

A lot of the characters look really cute and them being furries definitely helps. The chibi 3DS CG style is very cute. It makes for very cute and sometimes amusing concert scenes. It is a cute type series.

Houkago no Pleiades

Houkago no Pleiades

Houkago no Pleides follows a group of magical girls trying to help an alien rebuild a spaceship. Due to various confusing events no one can really explain Subaru encounters said team and decides to help them. To get the spaceship parts they fly around and drive shafts and use magic circle to capture parts of the engine. A rival appears who claims the engine parts as his own. Too add to this Subura on occasion enters a mysterious garden and mysterious guy who looks similar to the rival.

Quality: 3/5

Looks wise it is mostly decent. It has some really pretty scenes but it also has a few slightly dodgy ones at same time. Storyline has a really confusing theme of alternate realities which isn’t explained very well. In a way the best way to describe the series is a typical cute magical girls series.

Fun: 3/5

I enjoyed the show for what it is but there are few moments which are questionable. It did ruin the fun somewhat. Still plenty even if typical enjoyment to be had. In a lot of ways it’s nice to see it not take a hugely darker twist. The show doesn’t need to be darker.

Cuteness: 4/5

The series is mostly a cute magical girl series. Complete with cute mascot and a team of cute girls doing cute things. Not much I can really add to that.

Uta no Princes-Sama Revolution

Uta no☆prince-sama♪

The third series or Uta no Prince-Sama. The series follows Haruka a composer and a bunch of male idols she finds herself surrounded by. After their initial success Starish are newbie all male idol group are aiming to get attention to enter a competition. The winner gets to sing the entry song for Triple S. There is also Quartet Night another smaller group of all male idols who are part of same organisation as Starish. More experienced idol group are aiming to win Triple S. During the series Haruka composes music for the male idols. Of course to do this she has to get to know each idol. Most episodes are her spending time with respective idols and groups of said idols.

Quality: 3/5

The biggest problem this show has is the unnecessary requirement to repeat certain lines or words a lot within one conversation. A minor issue is how convenient it is for one idol after another to appear before the main female lead Haruka. It just doesn’t live up to the previous two seasons. The added 3D CG dancing idols ruins concert scenes. It is at least a decent show still. It has it moments and still has same style as previous seasons. I also feel the main female character just seems to vanish at times. Which is odd for a reverse harem idol series.

Fun: 3/5

This show is ridiculous at times and that makes it fun to watch. If only it didn’t repeat stuff as much as it does. 5 minutes or more is taken up with character saying the same word or similar phrases. It really drags down the whole show. We get the idea the first couple of times.

Cuteness: 2/5

Cute moments between Haruka and her main male idol friends do occur. However being the main focus is on male idols it’s never overly cute. The focus is more on them being idols and not a cutesy relationship with the main female lead.