Disney and Nintendo – Games I want to see

Rumours are going around that Disney and Nintendo are going to team up. I thought i would create some ideas for games I would like to see if they two were to work together.

Kingdom Hearts + Nintendo


This is the most obvious choice out of all the options. This is already a crossover game with a well-known gaming franchise. The art style of the game alongside the play style fits with Nintendo nicely. A few bonus Nintendo themed worlds wouldn’t feel out-of-place. Could even do a side game featuring Nintendo worlds. Dream Drop Distance style game with Dream Eater versions of certain Nintendo monsters would be very interesting.

Disney x Nintendo JRPG


While Kingdom Hearts is definitely one option I feel Nintendo could have their own crossover RPG. With Monolith Soft, Intelligent Systems and team behind Legend of Zelda games plenty of options for type of RPG they could go for. There are more than enough characters and worlds for such a game. The only downside is it will be heavily compared to Kingdom Hearts and some will wonder why it’s not a Kingdom Hearts game.

Disney x Nintendo Life Sim


With Disney’s Magical World getting a second game in Japan and Animal Crossing still as popular as ever a crossover life sim feels like a good choice to make. With this type of game can include a larger variety of elements from both sides without either feeling out-of-place. One of the big features with these types of life sims is having a room filled with themed furniture. Then to show off your hard work to all your friends.

Yoshi’s Woolly World + Disney

Robin Hood (Disney)

This might seem like a really odd choice but think about it. Yoshi is a cute Mario mascot made even cuter in the woolly form and even has a cute woolly Amiibo. Now imagine a crossover version with Disney animals heroes and animal mascots plus even more woolly Amiibo. The game would be ultra cute but it would be insanely expensive because of all the cute woolly Amiibo. With this it’s more art style then gameplay though.