My Thoughts on Nintendo at E3

Nintendo hasn’t a particularly well received E3 this year. Many immediately annoyed with Nintendo after the digital event. it’s been a few days now. Having time to clam down and reflect on what Nintendo had to show I’ve decided now would be good time for such a post.

Digital Event

While not the start of Nintendo’s E3 events I think it’s best place to begin. The Digital Event started off pretty good. With Nintendo’s own set of Muppets introducing and being the Digital Event’s mascots. Then it got to the first game. Star Fox Zero which I have and will discuss more about later. Needless to say it failed to wow the Star Fox fans. The rest of the announcements followed much the same way. Nintendo just failed to provide any sort of wow factor that E3 cries out for. This lead to a lot of disappointment and even hate towards Nintendo. Some even went so far as to start a petition to cancel a game which is stupid.

The main reason I think the Digital Event didn’t do so great was because a lot of the games we already knew about. Some of it in the form of leaks and weren’t entirely Nintendo’s fault. Other games Nintendo announced before. Odd few were mere weeks before E3. This was closely followed by most games announced were spin-off games. The two combined meant that the Digital Event lacked. Didn’t help that not all games Nintendo were showing at E3 were shown during the Digital Event. In particular was the absence of the horror game Fatal Frame Maiden of the Black Water. Digital Event is just a prelude to Tree House Live. This shows off the games a lot better and generally leaves you with a better impression of the game then Digital Event ever could do. So I will now move on to the games that caught my attention.


The first game starring Amiibo was announced and it doesn’t look all that exciting. The game Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival only mode showed off was a very basic board game. Although more was promised during Tree House Live it’s hard to get excited for it. With both Yoshi’s Woolly World and Mario Maker making use of the majority of Amiibo it’s only the beginning. I am looking forward to seeing other future Amiibo games. Hopefully a full Star Fox team Amiibo line-up. That does include Krystal and arwings.

Bravely Second: End Layer

Bravely Second continues some years after the first game with added new characters. Featuring some new jobs and unfortunately the loss of some older ones too. This game main focus is rescuing Agnes the main female hero of the previous game. The combat system and various other aspects of the game are more or less the same. We still got the beautiful hand drawn locations and a turn based combat system. Having enjoyed the first game I am really happy to see the second one is getting localised.

Fire Emblem Fates

Fire Emblem Fates expands on Awakening’s story choice system. You create your own main character in this game and after a certain point you can pick a side of the war you will be fighting on. A further don’t pick any side route will be made available as DLC in Japan. Which side you pick affects certain aspects of gameplay and characters who join you. The darker Nohr path providing more challenging gameplay. It offers less freedom and more difficult missions. Hoshido the lighter path is similar to Awakening by giving you greater freedom for levelling up. The game also has a My Castle mode and new job classes. Personally I’m excited for the fox class. Combat system is traditional turn based strategy combat. Fire Emblem is well-known for its permanent death feature. In which a unit you love could die and you won’t be able to resurrect them. You can switch this mode off if like me and you would reset a lot to prevent death. The game now has set weapons that don’t break after so much use. Hoshido path is looking like a great entry game for the series. Meanwhile Nohr will be more for long time fans of the series. I will be going for Hoshido purely for the fox.

Genei Ibun Roku ♯FE

Announced ages ago we’ve only just started seeing footage of the game. Personally I am really excited for the game however many fans of both game series aren’t too happy. This is because of the whole Idol side of things. During Tree House Live it was called Idol JRPG. Understandably so as a lot of effort went into the music and concert scenes for the game. Part of the game is still very much a turn based JRPG. With a combat system and very weird dungeons to explore. Fire Emblem is obviously the top layer of the game rather than the base for this crossover. With certain aspects taking influence from Fire Emblem series rather than directly using elements of it. Certain Fire Emblem characters are in the game as well. In a lot of ways it is its own game though. One I am really happy to see. I just hope they release a version with a music CD.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

The game is basically Paper Mario characters meet 3D Mario characters. When I first saw this game I wasn’t really happy. After watching Tree House Live I changed my mind. The impression that I was left with was that this game is closer to the Paper Mario RPGs I really enjoyed. This comes from the puzzle solving elements as well as the combat and levelling system. How much it is like a Paper Mario RPG we will have to wait and see.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

I have been curious about the series for a while now. Mystery Dungeon games are where you enter a randomly generated dungeon with random awards hidden within. The idea is you traverse down the depths of the dungeon to get to the boss at the bottom. Before entering a dungeon you require supplies such as food to keep your character in this case a Pokemon happy and healthy so they can make it to the bottom. Each type of Pokemon has a special ability associated with exploring the dungeon. To make this choice more difficult Pokemon you play as is decided via an in-game questionnaire. You can retake it if you want. Hopefully when this comes out there won;t be another game to distract me from it.

PopoloCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale

While not shown by Nintendo I felt this game deserves a mention. The game is a crossover of the PopoloCrois series and Bokujō Monogatari series. Bokujō Monogatari is more commonly known as Harvest Moon however recent changes to localization the series is now being called Story of Seasons. To add to the confusion Harvest Moon series is still continuing on as its own series. So you can expect to see farming elements alongside a RPG combat system and storyline. The game looks really charming and any RPG on Nintendo console needs all the support you can give it. Specially if we want more RPGs.

Star Fox Zero

The game looks and sounds fun but all this is hidden beneath a few issues. The main one for many is the lack of the main female member of the Star Fox team Krystal. Watching the trailer no matte how good it is Krystal’s absence is just painfully obvious. With no mention of her we can only hope she is a well hidden character that’s somewhere in the game. Moving on from Krystal the game looks like it might be fun. Even if I have to question why Fox can’t just jump out and press the button himself. It would have been so much faster and easier thing to do. Controls can be motion or more standard controls. With one screen featuring first person camera for more accurate aiming. The second featuring a third person camera for a more standard view. So I am torn over the game. I guess I will wait and see what happens.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

A spiritual successor to the much-loved Xenoblade Chronicles. Featuring a more complex sci-fi setting and another huge world to explore.  Combat system has received a few updates including the new Soul Voice system. The biggest change is the addition of the mechs known as Skells. You get them later in the game and it allows faster travel as well as new combat options. The game has a big push for customisation allowing you to create own character and customize Skells for your party of heroes. You also get armour that effects appearance of the character. The armour isn’t one full single piece either. If your after a full set it might take a while. I could really go on but this game is huge. If you like huge games you really want to get this game.

Yo-Kai Watch

Popular Yo-Kai Watch series has finally made it outside of Japan. The game is a monster catching RPG featuring Yo-kai. You get a watch and go around befriending friendly yo-kai. You than battle the not so friendly ones using your Yo-kai. A lot are really excited for this game. With anime series also leaving Japan it’s going to be interesting to see how well the game does.

Yoshi’s Woolly World

Coming out later this week if you live in Europe this game is the ultra cute woolly platformer starring Yoshi. It has multiplayer and an easier mellow mode to help out. Can use a large number of Amiibo to change patterns on your Yoshi to one that matches the Amiibo. The game is going to be very cute and I’m looking forward to it.