Why I am Excited and Disappointed by Star Fox Zero

Out of all the games at E3 I was most excited for Star Fox. In a lot of ways I still am but there are just some things that aren’t right with the game. It’s apparent from early on many agree with me.

The Negative

To begin with the first real issue is with the graphics. Now it’s not a major issue all told. A fun game can make you over look the not so nice graphics. But when watching Treehouse live and seeing a nicer looking areas then what was shown during the trailer or even playable at the event you can’t help but wonder. It mgiht be due to the chosen style but this isn’t helping the look of the game. I personally didn’t expect amazing graphics but this feels inconsistent and nowhere near a decent level for WiiU.

Initially lack of on foot wasn’t an issue but when you see Gyrowing sections it brings it into question. You basically at points stop and lower a robot to press a button in order to progress. Sounds interesting until you think of Star Fox Assault. Where Fox could jump out of any vehicle and press the button himself. This would have been far quicker and far easier to do.

The other one is lack of proper multiplayer. After Splatoon’s success and all the talk of multiplayer during previous E3 this is the weirdest one by far. They said wanted to focus on single player but even with this focus would have thought there would be a basic 4 player arwing match. One of the best features of Command was online multiplayer. One of the most wanted things for new Star Fox game was co-op multiplayer with multiple arwings. What we got was a 3 player tag-a-long version.

The thing that annoys some of us most of all is the lack of Krystal. Not only one of the more popular Star Fox characters she was also the top most wanted female character to appear in Brawl. Who current absence of the game ahs left many with a deep scare and will not help the game at all. I plan a few things regarding this.

The Positive

With all that said the game still looks like it will be fun. With future updates already in talk there is a chance for a few changes to occur. So there is still some hope for a couple of things. However it’s very unlikely major changes will occur.