Top 5 Fears and Wishes for E3 2015

Here are top 5 fears and wishes for E3 2015. This is relating to Nintendo in particular.

Super Smash Bros.

Top 5 Fears

To begin with these are the top 5 things I don’t want to see at E3.

5. Nintendo of America does something stupid during Digital Event. We all know they are going to do something so stupid we feel embarrassed for them. We will then spend rest of E3 pretending that moment or moments never happened.

4. No new game announcement. With so many games announced before E3 and one game getting leaked I have a slight worry there won’t be any really major new games getting announced. I suspect there will be at least one surprise announcement even if that ends up being an unwanted game.

3. Too much time spent on games released in Japan. I doubt I will care as much during Digital Event. Even so most that have a strong interest in the Japanese games would have followed the games Japanese release. We really don’t need to spend too much time on them. Just an English trailer with release dates is fine.

2. Krystal from Star Fox series doesn’t make an appearance. I would love to see her in Smash Bros but more importantly there is a new Star Fox game coming to WiiU. Being the main female character of the series and the game having some focus on multiplayer she needs to be in the game as a member of Star Fox team and playable.

1. The new Sonic Boom game for 3DS is shown during the Digital Event. No one really wanted a sequel. Very few care about it. This game has been announced we don’t want any time wasted during Digital event to the game.


Top 5 Wishes

Here are my wishes for E3 that will probably never happen.

5. Story of Seasons game for WiiU would be amazing. Been a fan of the series for several years now. Would be even better if it was a crossover game. Pokemon would be the most addictive choice. Zelda with Rune Factory RPG spin-off series would also work really well.

4. Random spin-off haven’t seen for ages gets announced. Pokemon Snap, Paper Mario or Crystal Chronicles I would be wanting to see a return of. New games would be great but I think for a remake of a previous release would also be fine.

3. Kingdom Hearts HD Remix plus 3 on the WiiU with added Dream Eater and Amiibo support. We all know people would buy Kingdom Heart Amiibo. We also know the game leading up to the third major game was released on 3DS. Everyone agrees this would be a good mix with Nintendo characters. Why this game isn’t on WIiU yet is a mystery.

2. Nintendo Idol game with Amiibo support. With Nintendo games getting a lot of Idol type characters and even some of the Princesses have a musical talent now would be perfect time to utilise that for a game. Whether it’s just one series crossover or all preferably a ton of Nintendo series it needs to happen. I am thinking of the Japanese idol games.

1. Star Fox Adventures 2 by Monolith soft. Looking at Xenoblade X trailers makes me really want this to happen. A huge futuristic Star Fox world where you pilot vehicles around and battle bad guys in an action RPG type combat system. It probably never happen.