Tips for Finding Stuff in Xenoblade Chronicles

In Xenoblade Chronicles it can be difficult to locate a named character or collectables. Over time I discovered certain techniques that can make the process easier. Here are a few tips to help.

Finding Named NPCs

Finding a named character in towns can be a very stressful process. They tend to move around a lot and most only appear at night or during the day. The best time of day to look around is 10AM/PM. All the characters that are out and about during day or night will be out by then. However you still have to look around each area till you find them. Certain locations this can be a really annoying. Thankfully there is another method but it is more hit or miss one.

Most named NPCs exit houses at set times. Knowing this you can set the clock to 6AM/PM and then little later at 10AM/PM while standing outside doorways. For Alcamoth those would be the glowing circles on the floor that look like teleportation devices. It’s not always the best method as some locations have a lot of doors. For Alcamoth it works great.

Finding Collectables

Some collectables are just far too difficult to find. Both methods help if you have a bit of knowledge about it before hand. Trading with named NPCs can help you get rare items. However this is limited by current location of named character, what part of the story you are at and the affinity of the location named character is at. Initially probably won’t have the rarer collectables.

Second method requires you to know what time and location collectables appears. If you know both then what you do is head to said locations and grab the collectables there. Some of the rare stuff unlikely will get the amount you want or require in one go. If any at all can be found. Save at the location and then close the game down and restart it. Load the save up and more collectables will spawn. Repeat until you have collected the desired amount.

Now onto the red collectables. This is for quests and are easier to find after you accept the quest. The red ! appears on the radar type thing when close enough. If you arrive at location of the red ! and you can’t see red collectible. Might be above or below you. If there is a place lower or above and not considered to be a separate floor level on map would be worthwhile looking for it there. Some require you to jump from an elevator to reach as well.