Please vote for Krystal!

With a new Star Fox game coming up now would be a perfect time to include a new Star Fox character in Super Smash bros. It seems almost silly we went up to three with Brawl but now we are down to two. Also the Star Fox stages fail to include main characters in the series during the secret conversations. For me this is a huge disappointment and failing on part of Nintendo and must be fixed. I feel the best way is to get Krystal into Super Smash bros. For two well three very good reasons.


Whether you like it or not Krystal is the main female character in the Star Fox series. She has had story importance in majority of the game. Potentially more importance than characters that have appeared throughout the entire series. A number of endings in Command were based solely around whether she ended up with Fox or not. Most other characters only got one ending and sometimes that was coupled with an ending Krystal appeared in. Endings when Krystal stayed with Star Fox team were the happier ones. That should give you some idea on the importance Krystal has with the series regardless of Command’s story quality.

Out of all the Star Fox characters Krystal has the potential to be the most different one. If Krystal were to be included with her staff she would have a move set separate from Fox. Most other Star Fox characters even with size and shape differences would copy majority of their moves off Fox. Although I have no disillusions she might not end up with her staff and be a female clone of Fox. However even this wouldn’t be all that bad. One of the best parts about other characters is choosing between male and female appearance.

Finally I like Krystal even if her character has been poorly handled at times. Of course that isn’t the only reason. It is the main reason and I’m sure everyone else if voting for characters they like to. There is no reason not to. I don’t want this to feel like I am forcing people to vote for who I like. I just hope this might convince some people to vote for her.


Please vote for Krystal here: