Games I want on Nintendo consoles mostly for the Amiibos

With the recent announcement of a Woolly Yoshi Amiibo and the Amiibo cards I feel a lot of other series should release on Nintendo consoles to support Amiibos and have their own Amiibos. A lot of Nintendo’s own series this would fit. However there are some series I want on Nintendo consoles just to have a huge collection of the games Amiibos. So here are some of those games.

Final Fantasy

Tina Branford

Final Fantasy series is known for its cast of characters and monsters. The series already has multiple collections of mini figures of monsters and characters. There are plenty of spin-offs this could work with. Tower defence, city building or maybe even a strategy game. Maybe even over multiple games.

Kingdom Hearts

Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

The spin-off Dream Drop Distance had cards you scanned to receive special monsters in-game. With Amiibo support this could be expanded to actually storing said monsters onto the cards. You would be able to take Dream Eaters with you to a freinds house but that’s a bit boring. I want to bring them to the entire series.

Story of Seasons

Bokujou Monogatari

Throughout the life of the series when it was originally localised as Harvest Moon a variety of plushes were released as part of pre-order bonuses. Of course this wasn’t the case for Europe. The solution to the problem is a simple one. Marvelous makes a game that had its own set of plush Amiibos. No one would miss out then.

Project Mirai

Hatsune Miku

Project Mirai is a music game starring vocaloids. This particular game uses the look of a popular chibi action figure series called Nendoroid. Vocaloids also have a strong fan following. It’s the perfect match. A music game based on popular characters that comes with cute chibi Amiibos. Of course any anime type idol game would do.