Cute games that may never leave Japan for 3DS and WiiU

A list of games that we have little details on if/when they will release in Europe. Some may never release in  Europe but I felt the need to mention them. It is not a complete list of games. Probably loads more I forgot about.

Aikatsu! (3DS)

Aikatsu is probably more commonly known as a child friendly idol anime series. The series is based on the arcade game which uses Aikatsu cards. There have been a few 3DS game releases. The most recent being 365 Idol Days. Needless to say it is a cute idol game which allows for you to scan the QR code of cards to obtain items. I doubt any of the game will leave Japan unless the anime series does. Not many bring idol anime never mind child friendly ones.

Atelier Rorona (3DS)

Atelier Rorona is a remake of the game. It uses chibi style graphics, a new combat system and new story arc. I don’t know much about the series outside it’s cute artwork and would like to give this game a go. It definitely looks like something I would like. However the game has been delayed in Japan and it’s unclear if we will ever get this game. Still other games in the series have been release in Europe so I’m hopeful.

Beyond the Labyrinth (3DS)

It’s more or less a typical dungeon type game. Where you travel around a huge maze-like dungeon fighting monsters. The introduction part in most interesting. Where you start off playing a 2D sprite dungeon game and hear a cry for help. There you encounter a girl in a huge 3D labyrinth. Being it was one of the earliest 3DS games it doesn’t look like we will ever get the game.

Bravely Second (3DS)

A sequel to the game Bravely Default. This time around you have to save Agnes who has been kidnapped. The game is set to improve elements of the previous. Visually the game looks quite cute but I have learnt this is a deception. While they have added some interesting new jobs I’m waiting for them to announce my favourite job from the previous game. At least the game is likely to release in Europe.

Dragon Quest X (Various)

MMORPG Dragon Quest which is available on a variety of platforms. Most recent being the browser-based version on 3DS. It gets new expansions every so often. The style of the game may not be for everyone. However at this point it looks very unlikely we will ever get the game.

Fire Emblem If (3DS)

The next game in Fire Emblem series looking to expand and improve on what Awakening did. Not much other than a trailer to go by though. This game has already been announced for release in Europe but no details on when that might be.

Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven (3DS)

Created by the team behind Rune Factory series is a new life sim RPG. You play as an inn keeper of a not very successful inn. You also go adventuring and battle monsters. When out adventuring you just so happen to find a pretty girl. She can battle and of course she helps with the inn complete with maid outfit. Obviously more than one girl going to discover. I’m pretty confident this will release in Europe.

PoPoLoCrois x Bokujō Monogatari (3DS)

I don’t know much about PoPoLoCrois other than it’s a RPG that released on PS consoles. I am more familiar with the farming lfie sim series Bokujō Monogatari. The series is more commonly known as Harvest Moon but the latest game is being localised as Story of Seasons. Lost Valley has nothingto do with the series. This cross over game looks to be full of charm and hopefully the game will get a release in Europe.

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem (WiiU)

A crossover game that was announced ages ago. Hopefully the game still exists and will release.

Stella Glow (3DS)

A strategy RPG from the people behind the Luminous Arc series. It features witches and knights. I also believe music and singing are going to play a strong role within the game. Which sounds very nice to me. Stella Glow has recently change publisher in Japan. Hopefully Sega will decide to localise the game.

Story of Seasons (3DS)

Story of Seasons is the next game in the farming life sim series Bokujō Monogatari series. Unlike the previous game New Beginning where main focus was building up the town this game has you trading. You can still customise your field and parts of town. Can have a huge farm filled with plants including Mario power-ups or a ranch filled with sheep and cows. If you trade a lot you can get gift animals for a safari park. Plenty to see and do in this game. Hopefully won’t have to wait too long before the game is announced for Europe.

Tales of the World: Reve Unitia (3DS)

A spin-off Tales of game featuring a cast of random main Tales of characters. The combat is different form the usual Tales of game. I felt I should mention this was a 3DS game before it gets ported and released in Europe. That seems the most likely option anyway.