Cute games coming soon for 3DS and WiiU

Here are a list of notable cute games releasing on 3DS and WiiU. This is just a selection of games. These are games with an EU release date. There will be another two posts made later with more.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D – 2nd April 2015 (“New” 3DS)

A port of the Wii game Xenoblade Chronicles. The game is easily one of the best and biggest JRPG I have played. I won’t get into it too much with this post. I could go on for ages because it is a huge game. Expect to lose hours completing side quests and trying to get full Titan armour for Melia.

Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush – 8th May 2015 (WiiU)

A cute plat-former game where you paint lines for Kirby to roll on. It stars the cute pink blob Kirby in a clay style. As Kirby rools around you use gamepad to draw rainbow coloured lines for Kirby to roll on. It’s not your traditional side scrolling plat-former so may take a while to get used to.

Project Mirai DX – 29th May 2015 (3DS)

A music game starring the Japanese software idols called vocaloids. The game uses cute chibi style graphics base don the cute action figure line Nendoroids. Featuring a selection of cute songs alongside a selection of cute outfits vocaloids can wear. Did I mention this game is cute?

Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition Double Pack – May 2015 (3DS)

Puzzle & Dragons is a popular mobile game. You have a part of cute monsters you enter dungeons with. You take on cute monsters by matching three or more. While you can play more standard version of the game there is also Super Mario Bros edition. Obviously this features Mario characters.

Splatoon – May 2015 (WiiU)

Shockingly this is a cute third person shooter where you use paint guns. Starring cute Inklings that obviously share similarities with a certain Squid Girl. The objective is to get as much of the map covered in your colour paint as possible. Expect some crazy fun multi-player matches.