My thoughts on Star Fox WiiU

I am very excited for the upcoming release of Star Fox WiiU. The reason why I am is because how much I love the series. Arguably I can be a bit blind in my love for Star Fox. All the Star Fox games I have played I have enjoyed. Even though I agree that those games aren’t perfect. All of them had unique and distinct elements and while this can annoy some it’s a reason I get excited for the next game. With WiiU the focus so far appears to be on multi-player. Will be interesting to see how things work out.

Super Smash Bros.

What I am looking forward to the most is multi-player. It will be a great way to introduce more gamers to the Star Fox series. Might be able to get a few more casual type gamers giving the game a go. It’s also the first Star Fox game to have co-op. Something that Assault missed out on. Hoping it has a few decent online options for the multi-player.Of course the reason I am excited for multi-player the most is because it’s the one thing I have most information on. The only other thing is it’s connection with some other games being developed. Project Guard and Giant Robot games shown at a previous E3. Supposedly the games are all separate but I could also see Nintendo releasing them as one giant package. Specially if there was some kind of in-game connection between the three.

If I was to say anything was my biggest concern it would be a lack of a female character.  When it comes to gaming it’s pretty common practice in situation of multi-player to have at least one female playable character. Just not right to have no female characters playable at all. Not everyone likes to play as  a male character. Specially in this game when multi-player is coming across as a major point to the game. n truth of all things I could worry about this is probably the silliest. For Nintendo to not include any female characters would be very weird. What with Princess Peach joining the action and Hyrule Warriors getting praise for its variety of female characters. Easily Krystal would be best choice. It would be great to see her as a playable member of Star Fox team. She has been an important character for majority of Star Fox games. Also has out of Star Fox characters she has one of the larger groups of fans. The second choice can only be Katt. She would be a nice added bonus to the character roster. The rest only appeared in Command or Adventures. While some would be fun to have I think others would be a little weird. At the least Krystal should be playable but I would want Katt and maybe a couple of others included too. Of course this is assuming the game doesn’t end up with Marcus or even James as main character instead of Fox.

Falco Lombardi

One thing I would love to see for this game is Amiibo support. The game feels like it would be a perfect match for Amiibo. Specially if it were to get its own special Amiibo. Taking your character or arwing to your freinds to do battle or co-op sounds fun. Potential other ways could use them. Random summon or support that come in to help during a mission. Temporary power upgrades would be another possibility. Maybe unlock some sort of special customisation options for the arwings or even new missions. Of course I would want to collect the entire Star Fox team plus vehicles Amiibo if ones were to exist.

After Command there are many directions Nintendo could take Star Fox in terms of both storyline and gameplay. Star Fox has at least dipped it’s feet into every genre. Storyline in Command is one huge mess. Plenty of possibilities and fun things they could do with the upcoming Star Fox game. I doubt they will do anything major though. That’s fine with me. So long as the game is fun and preferably Krystal is playable and member of Star Fox team I will be fine. In that way I’m probably one of the easiest Star Fox fans to please.

Star Fox

There isn’t much point to this post. The game is heading to E3 this year and is also scheduled to release this year. Before I know it I will be given a ton of new information about the game. Just hope the wait is worth it.