Top Tips on how to be a cute anime idol by anime idols


Inspired by some of the cutest anime idols you can find I have created a list of top tips on how to be a cute anime idol. Done as a bit of fun and not to be taken too seriously.

Don’t just be cute, live cute – Otome Arisugawa (Aikatsu!)


Looking cute is just a small part in being a cute anime idol. Singing cute songs and having cute concerts is another. To be a true cute anime idol is to live cute. This doesn’t mean you have to wear ridiculously cute clothes all the time. It can help but is not required. How you react to certain things can truly define if you are truly cute or not. The way you accidentally bump into someone or how you trip over are all part of this. The most important is how you look when excited or embarrassed. Blushed cheeks and sparkling eyes are easy methods of spotting a cute anime idol.

Always have a cute pose ready – Ranka Lee (Macross Frontier)

Ranka Lee

A cute pose is essential for a cute anime idol. A simple easy to remember pose is best. Something people can copy endlessly without getting tired of it. Some idols even have two cute poses associated with them. The optimum time to do your cute pose is of course during a concert scene. Having it as part of a song is always a huge bonus. However it could also be a pose you can do in everyday life. Something that could be added on at end of sentences or even replace certain reactions. This pose will define you as an idol and may even outlive you. So it’s very important you get this right.

You can’t go wrong with an animal hat – Sonata Shinonome (AKB0048)


Cute anime idols and animals go hand in hand. Having a pet or little animal sidekick can add to your level of cuteness. If you don’t have time for a pet and alien mascots are just too rare wearing cute animal themed outfits is an alternative. Some cute anime idols even have permanent animal ears and even tails. It’s even better if those animal ears and tails actually move like they should. If that’s a bit too extreme there are always animal themed songs and dances you can do. The cat pose is very popular one. If animals are just not your thing a stuffed teddy or wings of some sort. While both re part of the animal theme it doesn’t come across as strongly as others and can be twice as cute. Best part of the animal aspect is mixing and matching. You aren’t limited to just one so have fun with it.

Cute can take many forms – Ranko Kanzaki (IdolM@ster Cinderella Girls)

Kanzaki Ranko

Don’t let cute be defined as just being pink and frilly. That because you want to be a cute anime idol you must have concert scenes covered in hearts and sing overly cute high-pitched songs. In fact that is probably more girlie than cute.Cute can take on many forms. Keeping this in mind it could be possible to mix and match the cute aspect with other types of idols. Gothic is just one example. Often closely linked with horror it also works well with cute. So don’t let being a cute anime idol limit what you do. Everyone has their own definition of cute including yourself.

Cute doesn’t mean weak – Millefiori Firianno Biscotti (Dog Days)


Most common misconception is that cute anime idols are weak. In fact I would say cute anime idols are often tougher compared to most other types. Not only do cute idols have to deal with rival idols or have to deal with a weird love triangle. Often these idols having to deal with world or even galaxy changing situations. You must be prepared to wear armour and grab a sword to fight. To sacrifice everything to ensure happiness for everyone. Of course not all cute anime idols have to deal with anything that important. Just be prepared for whatever you may have to put up with.

Not everyone can be a cute anime idol – Yazawa Nico (Love Live! School Idol Project)

Love Live!

Being a cute anime idol is not for everyone. Forcing yourself on a daily basis to be cute can only lead to problems. Once found out as it often happens in anime can lead to disaster. Unless it’s some kind of weird quirk in your personality that’s to make you more interesting and stand out. Even then it would be more of a comedy routine. Experimenting being a cute anime idol is fine so long as you are true to yourself. You are who you are. Copying off someone else because they are more successful will just make you a clone. There will only ever be one you. Embrace that fact even if that means you will never be a cute anime idol. Just be the anime idol you are.