Dilemma of a Star Fox Adventures Remake


Star Fox Adventures might not have been the greatest game ever but that is part of the reasons I feel this game deserves a remake. It needed more time and love then it could be given. However a remake of this game is something of a dilemma for me. Dilemma might be too strong a word. It’s more like my random thoughts.

When it comes to picking the console I can’t decide if Star Fox Adventures would be better on 3DS or WiiU. Gameplay wise there is no real advantage between the two console choices. The game isn’t ridiculously long nor is saving too restricted so it could work being portable. However some of the cut scenes are lengthy so not ideal for a hand-held games. Control wise the Gamepad might come up on top a little as a major part of the game is use of the GC controller’s C-stick. However the bottom touch screen on 3DS could be a good alternative. Motion control for some segments would work well but that can be done on both. There is nothing that really makes having game on WiiU or 3DS an advantage over another version.

Star Fox

Would the game benefit most from being HD or 3D? It is one of the prettiest GameCube games. With a graphics upgrade to HD it should look amazing. Assuming they have done a proper upgrade to HD and not just make it look shinier. However the cut scenes feel almost tailor-made for the 3D effect. Those dinosaur monsters come charging at you and imagining what those scenes would be like in 3D gives shivers down my spine. Never mind the on-rail segments or the Test of Fear. It makes choosing a console to put the game on is difficult. HD would make for an even prettier game but 3D effect would work so well with the cut scenes.

However the real dilemma is the scary prospect of how someone could easily wreck the game. The game is a mixture of Adventure and on-rails. I really enjoyed the mixture and wouldn’t want to see it pulled too far one way or another. Yes I do believe certain aspects of mixing the two together could be done better but it would be a huge waste to rip them apart. Some people feel it would be better if it was more one way or the other but this would ruin the potential the game has. I could go on for ages how the two could be mixed but that is a different and very long topic. To put it bluntly. The mixture makes the game what it is. Any other way and you would be making a different game.


Improving what’s in the game seems the safest option but it’s also one of the more boring. However most of the amazing stuff can think of to add to this game would be better used in another game. I regularly fell into this trap myself. One example to give is combat. It’s OK fleshing out combat but a lot of the time combat can be ignored. In fact most monsters don’t require actual combat. A one-off whack with the staff or use of a staff upgrade can defeat majority of the enemies. Some of the enemies you fight are part of on-rails segment where Fox isn’t walking around. So you end up having an amazing combat system that makes it annoying to travel between locations. It’s not something you realise when thinking these ideas up. It’s only when you step back and look at the game do you realise there is no real benefit. It’s very easy to get carried away with this game.

Maybe the best solution is to have a Star Fox Adventures 2 instead of a remake. When I first saw Xenoblade X I thought of Star Fox Adventures. How some of the mechanics could work for a Star Fox Adventures game. Futuristic setting with action and piloting segments but still has a sense of adventuring. I doubt we will get another Star Fox Adventures game. If we did I want Monolith to make the game. I still would love to see the game remade as well though. And both games packaged together would be amazing… Although would I want a “new” 3DS package with face plates or special gamepad. Of course either would be alongside a huge army of StarFox Amiibos.

Fox McCloud