My Top 5 Most Wanted Crossovers – Pokemon Edition

Here is a list of five crossover games I think would be fun. I included a blurb on what the game might be like if it were to ever exist. As well as an idea of why I chose it. These are my opinions and not something taken from a poll or anything like that. Please feel free to let me know what you think of them.

In this edition I will be doing Pokemon. I can imagine many will be able to guess what top place goes to. The remaining four you might find interesting though.


5. Pokemon x “Zoo Tycoon”

You’re in charge of your own Pokemon Safari Park. Shape the park anyway you want. Create anything from huge volcano to attract fire and rock Pokemon or maybe a meadow filled with flowers for grass and normal type Pokemon. There are a variety of buildings you can place in your park such as haunted mansions, tall towers and of course the Pokemon Centre. Of course if you don’t want a Pokemon Safari park could always transform it into a Pokemon Day Care. Create the perfect place for Pokemon to unlock their full potential and maybe even evolve. Whatever you choose be sure to create a world filled with happy Pokemon.

I had this idea ages ago and still quite like it. That is to run and create my own Pokemon Safari Park or Zoo. Although this idea would work as a crossover with a lot of other games of that type. Pretty sure they could create own version without need of a crossover which is why it’s in fifth place. Still it’s fun to think of my own fox-like Pokemon filled paradise.

4. Pokemon Conquest 2

Return to the Ransei Region and start a new journey. It’s up to you to defeat rival warlords and unite the region as one. Each warlord has their own special Pokemon partner. Likewise you won’t be doing this alone. You have your own special Pokemon companion. Featuring much the same as previous game but with more Pokemon and enhanced features.

Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition

The game is a turn based strategy game with a strong Japanese style. The idea is to defeat warlords and attempt to rule over or unify the whole Ransei region. You build up an army of trainers and their Pokemon partner. You also manage and protect the lands you control. Basically I enjoyed the first game so would like a sequel. Not much else to add to this really.

3. Pokemon Snap x Fatal Frame

You play as a Pokemon photographer who has been asked to explore an old abandoned mansion filled with ghost Pokemon. Your quest is simple enough. Take pictures of all the Pokemon in the mansion. However while exploring you encounter a strange girl. No matter how hard you try you can never seem to reach her. Desiring to know the truth of the girl and find all the Pokemon you venture deeper into the mansion. Will you uncover the secret of the mansion and find all it’s hidden Pokemon?


Potentially the weirdest one I added. Not because the thought of having a Pokemon game crossed over with a mature rated horror game. It’s actually because I don’t like horror games. At best I can handle stuff like Fragile Dreams. Something on the creepy side is fine but pure horror is a huge no for me. So why I like the idea of a Pokemon Snap horror game is a mystery. Ether way I think this would be a very interesting crossover. Plenty of Pokemon to choose from that would fit such a spooky game. Plenty of choice haunted Pokemon mansions complete with mystery girl character to choose from as well.

2. Pokemon x Bokujō Monogatari

As a child you would often visit a Pokemon farm. You spent many happy days there helping look after the Pokemon and watering the berry trees. After many years you decide to return to the farm you loved so much only to find the farm is in ruins and is about to be shut down. Refusing to let the farm be destroyed you step in as new resident farmer. Will you be able to restore the Pokemon Farm to its former glory?


When news that Marvelous was teaming up with Game Freak for a game I hoped that would be this. I also greatly fear this game will exist. Bokujō Monogatari is a farming life sim game that was previously localised as Harvest Moon. The goal is to create a successful farm and befriend your neighbours. Grow plants, look after livestock and a number of other things you can do that I can’t be bothered to list out. The games can be very addictive. Add this to the addictive monster catching game known as Pokemon and you might guess what will happen. This game crossover could easily consume your life if it were to ever exist. Part of me really wants it to and part of me knows I will struggle to find time to do anything else.

1. PokeM@s

When you first witnessed Pokemon Idol Contest you realised your dream. To sparkle like the Trainers and Pokemon on stage. At last your time has come. After receiving your first Pokemon you venture into the world of Pokemon Idol Contests. You and your Pokemon wear a variety of costumes to sing and dance your way to victory. Taking on rivals and maybe even an evil team or two. One day you and your Pokemon just might evolve into the world’s No.1 Pokemon Idol!


I don’t need to really go into this. I already wrote an article on the potential of such a crossover. Anime or otherwise this would be an amazing thing. I know everyone secretly desires such a thing to exist. We only have to wait and hope it does.