Operation Keyblade

Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

Operation Keyblade has been going for a bit now but I wanted to show my support and maybe even spread word about it. To begin with for those that don’t know Operation Keyblade was set up in an attempt to get Kingdom Hearts games and in particular Kingdom Hearts 3 on WiiU. Their campaigns are mostly Twitter and Facebook related with their most recent one being a Twitter campaign. Be amazing if this was successful and I would happily purchase a WiiU Kingdom Hearts game.

When Kingdom hearts 3 was rumoured to be coming to multiple consoles the first console that came to mind was WiiU. Dream Drop Distance pretty much leads onto Kingdom Hearts 3 and with a number of other spin-off games being on Nintendo consoles I figured it was a sure thing. Unfortunately it wasn’t. While I find that a very strange if not slightly understandable the main reason I am wanting to see Kingdom Hearts game on WiiU is because I think the series would be a great fit for the console.

Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

The style of the game works incredibly well alongside major Nintendo series. Several fans have requested a cross over with Nintendo because the look of major Nintendo series would work really nicely next to Kingdom Hearts. It would work a lot better than some of the Worlds that are used in Kingdom Hearts. It wouldn’t be impossible for such a crossover to exist. There has been more games recently that have added some sort of Nintendo crossover. Story of Seasons has Mario power ups you can grow and more obviously you got Hyrule Warriors. Not to forget the Fire Emblem crossover game when that eventually reappears. Plenty of possibilities in how a Kingdom hearts game could do a Nintendo crossover of course it would only work is released on a Nintendo console.

Gameplay wise WIiU has many advantages over other consoles that aren’t always apparent if you don’t use the WiiU. Gamepad being a major advantage. Allowing player to continue regardless of whether someone wants to watch a really boring show on the same TV the WiiU is connected to or not. Not to mention the potential uses of a secondary screen. With something like Kingdom Hearts the obvious ones are map and menu as well as extra touch buttons. Not exactly that exiting but can easily improve gameplay. A quick touch on the screen to use a potion or magic spell would speed up cycling though menus.


Another major advantage is Miiverse. If integrated into the game it could provide a source of hints and helpful tips as you play or at least a source of amusement. One of the best feature added to Legend of Zelda Wind Waker was the Tingle bottle. This allowed you to send Miiverse posts by chucking a bottle in-game and while sailing around could pick up a random bottle which contains a post from Miiverse. This is by far not the best description of it but hopefully get the general idea. This feature made exploring much more enjoyable. A lot of players including myself actively sort out this bottle floating in the waves more so than treasure. This mode could add another fun element to the game. Encouraging exploration and continual playing.

And while this may not come across as a huge advantage but certain 3DS games do connect to WiiU games. With a 3DS Kingdom hearts game already exists. Could update Dream Drop Distance to allow for transferring of data or more precisely Dream Eaters. Knowing Square Enix they could release another Kingdom Hearts spin-off game on 3DS built to be played next to Kingdom hearts 3. The obvious advantage would be transferring the data over to maybe unlock special items or even more storyline elements that wouldn’t get if you didn’t own both. This would mean players would be required to own 3DS as well as a WiiU and the games to get access to the content but if you are a Kingdom Hearts fan chances are you already own a 3DS.

Kingdom Hearts

Another feature the WiiU and the newly released “New” 3DS has is the NFC support and by that I mean Amiibo. We already know full well about the allure of collecting figures of our favourite characters . I have a pretty decent collection myself. Giving a game like Kingdom Hearts Amiibo support would be huge. Not just the main Kingdom Heart characters but also the Disney characters would be desirable figures to collect. I would love it if they had Amiibo of the Dream Eaters from Dream Drop Distance. Even if they didn’t release Kingdom Hearts themed Amiibo plenty of fun ways to support the already released Amiibo like extra Nintendo inspired sub quests or special themed Keyblades.

Now I know what a few of you are thinking right now while reading this. For starters I can imagine some already own a PS4 or Xbox One. I already pointed out a few potential gameplay reasons the WIiU version could have over other consoles and if that doesn’t win you over that’s fine. Won’t be missing out on the Kingdom Hearts 3 if games does came to WiiU as well. The other question I can guess will be asked is why not buy another console to play the game. I never put I didn’t own another console aside from WiiU and 3DS or that I would never consider getting one. For those asking about how and where can I find out more about Operation Keyblade and show my support here are your links.

Twitter: twitter.com/KH3OnWiiU

Facebook: facebook.com/OperationKeyblade

Sora (Kingdom Hearts)