Why isn’t Pokem@s a real thing!?


While searching through pixiv for cute Pokemon fan art I came across the tag Pokem@s. The artworks with this tag were of Pokemon and idols from IdolM@ster. Of course this combination of Idols and Pokemon is not just related to IdolM@ster. Vocaloids are one of the more popular combinations and I have seen Love Live Idols with Pokemon as well. Potentially the most important combination is of Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier with Meloetta as both share the same voice actress. While this might be fan-art alone the Pokemon series has introduced Idol and Idol-like characters. The game series has recently remade contest with a similar style of that of an Idol concert. However the anime series had a similar feel more much longer. But this isn’t really the main point of this article. This is more the reasoning behind it.

Well you see as I was looking through all the Pokemon and Idol fan art it occurred to me… Idols are popular in anime right now and the games can equally be popular for example the Free-to-play Love Live game. With Pokemon having Idol-like elements in the game and anime series alike why isn’t Pokem@s a real thing!?


The combination of music and Pokemon has been kind of done before but not to the level or even style I am thinking of. We are talking about a full on Music/Idol game. Pokemon would be featured alongside their Idol partners because as you know Pokemon are main characters in a Pokemon game. With a number of Pokemon related to singing and even singing abilities. Not to forget all the memorable Pokemon music that could be remixed as songs for such a game. It would be another way to enjoy the music and maybe even introduce more people into the joys of Pokemon or Idol games and anime. Then we got the Idol customisation. Idols often have a wide variety of outfits to choose from and Pokemon has plenty of potential outfits that would work great as well as potential for fun Pokemon costumes.  Add in Amiibo support with use of both Pokemon and Idols specially If the game was done as a crossover with an Idol/Music series such as Project Diva/Mirai or IdolM@ster. Even those not that interested in Pokemon who like Idols would be drawn to the game or at least the Amiibo.

Even if a game was out of the question what’s stopping them from making a Pokemon Idol anime? It wouldn’t be the first time something like this would have happened. A one-off special movie or even a short mini series would be fine although I would prefer something much longer. There is so much potential in such a combination and that I can’t help but wonder why this hasn’t been done yet?


After all that there is one thing I am over-looking or at least failed to mention. That is the secretive nature of Nintendo. Nintendo could announce that such a game is in development during a Nintendo Direct or at E3. That would be an amazing surprise and I would hope a lot of people would be excited at the prospect of a Pokemon Idol game. However I don’t expect it to happen. It’s nice to dream but until it happens that’s all it is. So in the end all we can do is wait and hope that Pokem@s is one of those dreams that turns out to be real.


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